I heard this statement so much and I want to hear from the friends here, what are your opinions and what is the proof for what u say or it is only ideas and theories.

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Dear friend Gulnara,
Apologize me because I only know English and Arabic but I tried to translate your post using Google and I understood that u are confused because of the multiple religions but u believe in one God and u believe in peace, no harm, no sin as possible and doing good. If I am wrong, please tell me in English if u can.
Ali, my brother,

the religions are designed and founded by people, fruit also of human evolution and the environment where these people lived: the religions are "evolutionary", and all: Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam etc. ....

THE RELIGION has the foundation in REVELATION (the Revelations Epocals are 5 we received on our planet: "The Urantia Book", pp.1007-1008) and in the PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of love of each individual with his Universal Father God and with all its Brothers.

"The Urantia Book"


The experience of dynamic religious living transforms....
(pp. 1094)


Religion, as a human experience, ranges from the primitive fear slavery of the evolving savage up to the sublime and magnificent faith liberty of those civilized mortals who are superbly conscious of sonship with the eternal God...


To the unbelieving materialist, man is simply an evolutionary accident....
(pp. 1118)


All of man's truly religious reactions are sponsored by the early ministry of the adjutant of worship and are censored by the adjutant of wisdom...
(pp. 1129)

Sharing to you, Ali, in Order, Light and Love,
Giuseppe, your brother
Dear brother Giuseppe,
U said " the religions are designed and founded by people" and then u believe in GLOBAL GOVERNMENT OF HUMANITY as apart of "The Urantia Book" which is the bases of the new world religion. Is the Urantia Book considered as the new revelation from the God and if yes, is this means that Urantia faith is a religion from the God or also merely man made as u said about the other religions.
Thank u Ruth,
Do not be afraid Ruth, we are not fighting. We are only discussing without any hatred or bothering. I agree with u that the religions are inspired by God and the human interpretations may differ but our friends say that religions are man made and this is the point of discussion. U are so kind and peaceful lady dear friend.
Ali, 'religion' is a term that means a joining, like the ligament joining a muscle to bone, a connection or 're' connection. The term we often use to describe a 'dogma' or 'ritual' is religion, as an organized form or organization. Any organization is 'man-made'.

The mystical aspects of belief are often coloured by these 'rules, ritual or dogma'. It is these regulations that are man-made. They are 'man's" attempt to describe and put down in words, paths or methods to create or return to this connection. Each of us, has the path best suited to our nature based on our experience. Different, yet leading to that connection beyond the current definition or understanding of religion. Belief, needs only belief.

Peace & light
Dear friend Tim,
Your definition is correct if I include those who worship fire or tree or animal to be sponsors of religions but when I speak about religions, I only speak about Judaism, Christianity and Islam because I consider them, the only religions from the God (Monotheistic religions) present in the earth and all others are philosophies with my apology to the Sociologists and anthropologists.

These monotheistic religions are God`religions and God`made and not man made.
Hi Ali Afifi.
The hindu religion has many gods but they believe in One God above those gods, but about that one God they do not talk because he is too big to understand. All in One and One in all. The same Jesus said: I aim in the Father and He is in Me. In the beginning mankind was ruled by lower god's or enteties and they tought man all about astrology and healing and much more. After that, mankind took over. There came messengers of God who were high evolved and they are called avatars. Krishna and others. The buddha and Jesus were human. They did not write books. What we know from them is what their followers could understand. All religions had made the mistake to personelise their God. Only the Islam did not do that.
By personelising God, the religion did not free the people, what was the intention of religion.
For instance. Kain and Abel from the bible. Abel's smoke went up, when he was offering to his God.
Kain's smoke went down. Kain thought: God doesn't love me. Than he was sad, and angry about Abel.
He had to learn ,that live has is ups and downs. God always loves us in times of ups and in downs.
Until now , when someone is ill, some people think: What have I done? God is mad at me.
That is untrue thinking. The credit for the Islam is that they did not personelise their God.
The bouddha himselve was an enlighted man. but he wanted to help the peope to make them less suffer.
He did not tell everything he knew. They would not understand it at all.
Mohammed was a messenger of God too. But I do not know much about Islam.
Where Jesus now is, on that level, that is named the Hierarchie. They guide the evolution of humanety .
So, We are not alone. But men has a free will. They do not always listen to the messengers of God.
Jesus was hanged. If mankind had listened, it was not so bad as it is today on earth.
Mankind has lost its way. We have to change. But we are not alone.
The hierarchie, the Masters of Wisdom are coming back, to live under us and will not leve us. They are staying until the end of the New Age of syntesys and brotherhood. The age of aquarius.Maitreya is their head and for the moslims He will be the Imman Madhi.For christians the Christ, for Jews their Messiah and for hindus He will be Krishna. Many names for One verry Great Avatar. If we accept Him.

This is how far I understand it. Maitreya claims not to be God. He comes as Friend and Brother and He call Himself a Teacher. He will lead us back home, to the Feet of our Father. And together we will bow.
We the Muslims believe that Immam Mahdi will come and also Jesus (Christ) will come at the same time with him and Jesus will pray behind Mahdi and then will fight Anti-Christ and will kill him and spread peace and will govern with the Quran in the earth and will die in the earth and will be buried beside the prophet Mohamed. Prophet Mohamed said

Abu Hurairah reported Allah's Messenger (PBUH) as saying, "I am the nearest of kin to Jesus, son of Mary, in this world and the next. The prophets are brothers, sons of one father by co-wives. Their mothers are different but their religion is one. There has been no prophet between us". (Bukhari and Muslim).

· Abu Hurairah reported Allah's Messenger (PBUH) as saying," By Him in whose hand my soul is, the son of Mary will soon descend among you as a just judge. He will break crosses, kill swine and abolish the jizya (a tax payable by a community which accepts the protection of a Muslim ruler but whose members do not embrace Islam), and wealth will pour forth to such an extent that no one will accept it, and one sajda (the position in Muslim’s prayer where the forehead is placed on the ground), will be better than the world and what it contains". (Bukahri and Muslim).


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