Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, peace be upon them all, The Three Prophets - One Message- Abdur Raheem Green

This lecture is about three of the final prophets to be sent to the world.
Who were they? Did they have different messages or same call? Same religion even?

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U are so wise.
I aim glad that our consciousness is so far developped, that we recognise that those three religions come from the same source.
The monotheistic religions.
But the Hindus believe in one God too.
Their one God, is the eternal source of life ,from wich every thing that is seen and unseen, has come, and when a period of time has gone, everything will return to.
You can imagine that as a black circle, filling the whole space there is.
For us it is black because we know nothing about that. But in reality it is from the brightest light.
Every thing there is,has its roots in That, where no words are for, because it is the root of all.
Even the highest initiated has no knoledge of what life is. Maybe they got a glimps.
That one God has its time of activety and rest.
He is life and for our consciousness we may think about it as:
He breathes out, and every thing comes to manifestation,
He breathes in, and every thing goes back to Him.
Than He rests a time, as long as the time of activety was.

We cannot call on Him, because He, Himself, has no part of the manifestations, but He is behind it all.
Every thing that emanates has his roots in The Everlasting, Unchangeble, God.
During that period of rest, Spirit and Consciousnes and Matter are One. Father and Mother and Son are One.
When the period of activety begins, The Spirit sends a ray of light into the Matter and outoff that, the Son is born.
In the Son is the Spirit of the Father and His body is made from the Matter of the Mother.
In the Son is the whole consciouness there is.
The body of that Son, the first born, is from a kind of material what they called the first ether.
That fastens to become second ether and than third ether and fourth ether,the matter of our humans souls, that what we really are.
Than it fastens to gas, fluid and fast material.
Our body is made of those three forms from God, that is what we can see.

To the Hindu wisdom, the tiny atom and the biggest star, have a spirit , a consciousnes and a body.
Our scientists only see the body. they can investicate the material and the fluid and the air, but their instruments can not messure the soul who is from the 4th ether
The consciouness of a stone is very different from ours.

On TV I saw a program about atronomy. They are looking for a power, outside the planet, that pushes it foreward, and let it made circles.
For them the planets are just stones and gas.
They do not know that a planet is a life with a consciousnes with a body.

The Hindus made pictures of gods, driving a chariot ,and have a personality.

That is what astrology is about.
The Greek god, Zeus in the mythology, has the character of Jupiter.
A good Jupiter in your horoscoop, give you his character.
You can say: Zeus on earth is the shadow from Jupiter above.
So above, so behind.
The consciousness of the gods above is :' we'.
Jahwe said when Adam And Eve had eten from the apple: Now are they equal to us.
Our consciousnes is: ' I'. I want this or that .
But the gods above think in WE ,and know the Plan of God and serve that, and work only for the benefit of the whole.
And they stay on their routes.
The circles they make are periods of time.
The sun goes around and we get again and again, spring, summer, autumn and winter.

In stead of saying 'god', we can say 'angel'.
The angels for the throne of god, in the Bible, are the angels from the planets and they rule over the signs of the zodiac and they have to meet together, because they have to stay in harmony with the cosmos.

Our solar system is just a little part of the whole cosmos.
And we deal with the energies that reaches the earth.
That energies come outoff our solarsystem, through our chackras, than through the animals , than the plants and the stones and than further on.
So, when mankind dies, all the animals and plants die too.

When we are born we have an horoscope, and so it is with nations and races.
When you know the birth of a race, and you make the horoscope, than you are able to know which planet or guardian angel is important for that race.
That is why different races and countrys have different kinds of people. And different talents to use for the benefit of the whole.

The stars are ruling over material things. If you are living unconsciouss, than they keep you going.

If you become consciouss of what you are doing, than you can say,
I now like to chase after woman, like Zeus, but I do not want to.
Muhammed or Jesus or Moses, who spoke with the Spirit, had told us that He does not want us to react on our instincts.
Our Spirit wants us to gain control over ourselves.

When we live unconsciouss, we follow our nature, but that is good for animals,
but we have to learn to live to the laws of the spirit.

The spirit uses the soul as vehicle, and the soul uses the material body as a vehicle.

Our soul has contact with our brain.Our consciesness is not in our fysical brain but in our soul.
We are not as far develloped, that we can get in contact with our spirit.
We still need messengers, to tell us, what The Spirit wants us to do.

The Spirit is God ,is Life. That is the one in which we live and who lives in us.
Like Jesus said: I live in the Father and the Father lives in me.

Hindu teaches, that the roots of The Father, are in the Unknown One ,
the One they do not speak about, Who has no roots ,but is existing on His own.
That One is behind all there is.

They believe in One God too.

This is some of the Hindu teachings.


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