(I am not so good in English; so sorry for any mistake)

Love can stop any Bad.
Love can create all Good.
Good are always bringing to Peace.
Light always appreciate transparent.
Need to love with light source.
Blind faith is Dark force.
Knowledge is destined of man.
Love is our Haven!

We cannot expect honesty without transparent thinking.
By giving Love and Transparent Knowledge to the next generation is the way of real salvation. This is very helpful for make life beautiful.

Need to be open thinker - World is one.
Why human makes atom bomb?
There is destructive weapon that can destroy the earth many times has been created; but why? Its aim is to destroy. Isn’t it? If the world is destroyed then why is this arrangement? The imperialist, greedy capitalist and terrorist all are unfair selfish. The storage of destructive weapon is now in their hands. So any time it can crash. The only preventing way of this destroy is to make each to protest.
Please join our fb group and invite your all friends♥*~
"Against any destructive weapon, war and terrorism"
"Save the Earth, Save the Life"
"Against any racism, imperialism and extremism"

Love & Light
Martin Dulal

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Thank you Jouni for your opinion.
I also think - Life is one, so why will we stay blind? Thinks transparent for own for all. The Earth is moving around the sun.(G.Bruno/ G.Galilei) Light is not only Emotion or faith; It’s should be need Scientific minded/logical.
Love & Light
Yes indeed -true LOVE is the answer.
With love - all the walls are falling apart.
Love is a contraction-material, we just have to know how to use it.
True love would bring peace and harmony.
Thanks Irit,
Sorry for late!
Yes, true love would bring peace and harmony. When love agreement with light (knowledge) then they create beauty (peace and harmony). Love & Light is the way of peace and harmony.
Blessings...Yes I think this is a semantical misunderstanding..."God" in the English language has a different function than Allah in the Arabic language...The word or name "God' causes one to form the image of a giant man sitting up in the sky on a giant chair...with a long beard and maybe hurling lightning bolts or something...no wonder you associate it with superstition...In Islam in the Arabic language Allah is a word that is neither male nor female...this is something quite remarkable in a language wherein just about every word is gender identified..if you say "God" it creates an imbalance right away because it says God but doesn't say "Goddess"...in Islam we don't look at it that way because Allah is not a man but is The Creator Cherisher and Sustainer of ALL...the Qur'an refers to Allah as Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem these two words are translated as Merciful and Compassionate or Compassionate and Beneficient..but Rahman shares the root with the word Rahm which means womb...so Allah's mercy and protection of us are compared to that of the mother's womb..this is telling us that Allh contains the attributes which we think of as male AND female...but is really beyond such distinctions

Allah is not a giant man...Allah is The cherisher and Sustainer of All The Worlds...knowing Allah is the very antitheses of superstition...Allah is known through attributes like those you cite here Light (An Nur) and Love (Al Hub)

This is from sura number 24 in Qur'an called Sura an-Nur (the Light)..it is know as the Verse of Light
"Allah is The Light of the heavens and the earth...the parable of this Light is as a niche within a lamp...the lamp within a glass...the glass as it were a brilliant star...lit from a blessed olive tree...neither of the east or of the west...whose oil glows forth though no fire touches it...Light upon Light...Allah guides (you) to The Light as Allah wills...Allah sets forth parables for mankind for Allah is the Knower of All things"

You dear brother in seeking The Light and surrendering to Love are still seeking a relationship with Allah...you just choose to call it something different...I believe that ALL human beings are seeking this very same thing call it what they will
Dear brother,
Thanks for your opinion. I always appreciate open mind and open think.
The back world tell – God theme is maid by human brain and developed by long time; same as haven too. The Earth is moving around the sun.(G.Bruno/ G.Galilei)
Evolution is making same truth too. Open think is better than blind faith. Need to know by transparent thinking. There is no way to know own without transparent thinking. Light is not blind faith; It’s should be need Scientific minded/logical. Why we deviating own open think. We found blind faith by born and somebody always care by old law then we are divided. It’s call religious, that maid by this God. So need to think open.
Love & Light

Your english is just fine,beautiful thoughts you have written here. this is "blogging ipeace" thanks for posting :-) x
If you would enjoy,my words poem & lyrics I wrote on blogging ipeace "A Cry for Peace" your comments ,thoughts would be lovely to hear from you on my blog comments Martin, or whomever wishes.
Thank u so much Leah D. for ur comment!
Now need to protest.
Love, Light & Hugs


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