In the last few weeks there has been a lot of attention on the nuclear summit Barack Obama claimed made the world a "safer place" Now
remember he won the Nobel peace prize after calling for nuclear
disarmament on his campaign trail. He also promised small town Americans
that the Nafta super highway would not go ahead and take business away
from their small towns, and then told the Canadian PM not to worry that
it was simply "campaign rhetoric"

Is this nuclear reduction deal mostly rhetoric ? Even if most of the world largest nuclear arsenals
were cut by half, there would still be enough nuclear weapons to cause
what is so nicely called "mutual assured destruction" If Russia launch a
rocket at the US then all the US allies would launch nuclear warheads
at Russian and so on.

Obama said even Israel should sign this treaty, a country that has no legally acknowledged nuclear weapons, but
has thousands of what can be classed as illegal "weapons of mass
destruction" if you feel like calling anyone a hypocrite. Pakistan have
nuclear weapons, a country rife with Taliban and Taliban supporters, why
was there no invasion of these countries ? No oil maybe ?

Speaking of hypocrites, Obama has made three nuclear threats in the last two
weeks towards North Korea, Iran and the Taliban, wherever they may be.
He mentioned the Taliban were trying to obtain weapons of mass
desruction, sounding like the transvilaquist took his hand out of George
Bush and straight into Barack Obama.

Why mention Iran as a nuclear armed state ? There is no proof they are building nuclear weapons. Even If Achmadinejad did control where the army and missiles go (which the
Ayatollah actually does) He couldn't deploy nuclear weapons against
Israel, because he would wipe out the Palestinian population, which
would only leave Iran in the firing line of every world power.

I think Obama is trying to keep face by doing this. But does anyone think
the world will be a safer place while there are still hundreds of thousands
of nuclear weapons sitting around the world ?

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