Blue is a very good color to represent Peace since it is the color of the sky that is over all of us and depending on depth and lighting is frequently the color of water.
Peace is a matter of concentrating on what we all have in common rather than dwelling on what makes us different.
Different shades and hues of a color can cause us to feel differently.
There is a whole industry based on what colors we as individuals look best in. This is rarely our favorite color but rather the color that looks the best next to our face. In other words the color we are wearing when we meet someone for the first time or have to give a speech can make a difference in how we are heard.
What are your colors and why?

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Colours are really important in our lives, In holistic therapy, looking at the main charkas in the body, they vibrate at different energy levels. Blue is the colour of the throat chakra, which is the charka of communication. The chakras are as follows:
Crown (top of head) is either purple or white and represents higher knowledge
The Brow or third eye is Indigo, which is intution
The throat chakra is Blue and is for communication
The Heart Charka is Green orr Pink, and represents Love
The Solar Plexus is Yellow and represents self esteem or self power
The Sacral is Orange and is just below the naval (belly button) and represents relationships
The Root is at the base of the body and is Red, the lowest vibrating energy and represent survival

So blue is a good colour for communicating and for peace.
Peace, Love and Harmony xxx
Blue4Peace is about COBALT BLUE / INDIGO! (the third eye/ intuition) so it is the highest vibration that is IN THE Physical BODY / still within duality, which is what the NEW/ BLUE definition of Peace is in this movement. It is about PEACE ON EARTH as a TANGIBLE experience HERE AND NOW... within DUALITY.

If we want to be even more specific, it is about BLUE LIGHT.

Some guiding archetypes/ articulations of the blue that we are referring to in this movement are:

Krsna or Arch Angel Michael,
Also, the BLUE PEARL, The Blue Medicine Buddha, The Blue Dot, The Blue Sphere, Blue Angels, Blue Spheres, Blue Flash, Blue Trail.

Also, it is the number 8. (for instance, Krsna was born on the 8th hour of the 8th day of the 8th month and was the 8th child) Which is what 8/8/08 is all about. It is about this energy, here referred to as "the blue" now finally taking manifest/ tangible form. This shift in consciousness has been happening for a while, but beginning with 8/8/08, it is now ready to expand in the consciousness of humans and this will create the conscious experience of personal and collective peace on earth!
Blue is the color of the sky.
Blue is the color of the ocean.
Blue is the color of our Earth.
Blue is the color of our blood.

Blue is the color of Heaven.
Blue is the color of Earth.
Blue is the color of Unity - when Heaven Unites with Earth.

Welcome to A New Earth. Welcome to A BLUE EARTH.

One in which we all Unite for Peace.


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