The strength of ipeace is in ideas. We have space and time for discussions and understanding, and we have enough people to be able to spread ideas globally.

If we really want to resolve this issue (and any other would be rather similar) we should find an idea that will catch on, and will change things. Some ideas are popular, and some are not, and some work and some do not - we need ideas that are both effective, and also popular. And it may not be enough to be popular in the western world. If we have ideas that will be popular in China and Tibet then they will really make a difference.

What we can do is analyse the situation, and also the desires and psychology of both China and Tibet, and find an idea that brings together all the needs of the situation - the Tibetans need for freedom, and spiritual autonomy, the Chinese desire to create a great peaceful empire - etc. Then we can do a campaign to popularise the idea, and we will have created the change we were looking for.

An idea that sides with Tibet against China will not be good enough, nor one that sides with China over Tibet, or even one that is very equal, but involves each side sacrificing something. What we need is something that makes for positive gains on all sides.

but to find that we need to understand the situation better - what exactly is standing in the way of peace and happiness in Tibet at the moment. Why is it that the chinese government does not want to leave Tibet alone? What need is driving them? I have yet to understand it - all i hear is as though the Chinese are evil, and the Tibetans are good, but the world does not work that way there are always complexities, and reasons, and people always are trying to do the best they can...

So lets begin. Any ideas what is really going on?

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