I don't like to trouble anyone but maybe you can help! On my home computer I can't stay on i Peace because after a few seconds it comes up with a message about microscoft or internet explorer needing to close down and asks me if I want to send a message, then throws me off the site. What do I do?
Thanks, Love and Peace

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Hi Lana,

Which version of Microsoft's Windows do you use?

You may need to update your Microsoft Windows. To do that:
Interent Explorer ==> Tools menu ==> Windows update.
This is a free update. Doing this may solve your problems.

HtH.. PmR
Many Many thanks Paul

When I get home I will do this!

Peace to you

Hi Lana,

Try to install "latest Fire-Fox" for example and retry.

Dear Paul and Wael

Tried updating Microsoft Windows, and it lasted about 5 minutes, then I got the problem again. So I just tried Firefox, and so far so good...

Thanks very much both of you for taking the time,

Love and Peace
Hi Lana,

If Firefox works OK now then issue must be MS's Internet Explorer, which then is probably not up to date. All of your MS software should be up-to date. So when you have time, please update it all. If you need help for doing that, let us know... Doing that may take several (elapsed) hours..

Thanks, Paul

Have just got back from several days away from the computer, so will let you know in a day or so how things stand, but I think the Firefox has done the trick. May need to contact you about updating Internet Explorer though because the update didn't work. Thanks for your help!


Thanks, Free Digital Soule
Firefox has been great, but Paul is still keeping the door open to fixing Internet Explorer. It may take time, but will report back if it succeeds.
Love and Peace
Paul rightly feels if it ain't broke don't fix it, and since Firefox has done the trick, we are leaving it at that...

I get the same error using IE on http://www.peaceportal.mobi/open.

I avoided Firefox because it behaved inconsistently on some sites for me. No browser is perfect. The current version of Firefox works OK for me, and I prefer it because it does a spell check as I hunt and peck my way through typing responses like this.

HOWEVER: Eventually Microsloth fixes most of their technical issues and most users simply use IE. And so NORMALLY:

  • We should all keep our Microsoft Windows up to date. To do that start MS Internet Explorer. Then from the Tools menu select and run Windows Update. Do the Custom update and select all the updates they think should be applied. Keep on repeating that until they no longer find updates they think you should have. Do this yourself manually once a week even if you have automatic updates specified. This ensures that your basic Operating System is up-to-date.
  • Website developers should NOT use features and do things that Microsloth has problems with. This ensures that all your users can use your site without problems.

Thanks, Paul for updating us all on this issue (I am sure others have had this problem, too)
I will ask my husband Mike to look at this, and take the next step required for updating Microsoft. It does make sense to do so.
Love and Peace


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