I was trying to delete a photo, and clicked on something saying "block images" and now I don't have any images at all! Neither can I find the "block images" button to try to restore the images. Can anyone help me restore the images, and also to then delete the one photo I wanted to delete?
Sorry to be a nuisance once again. Is this the proper group to bring this up with or should I contact someone else?
Love and Peace

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Dear Ayla
Thank you so much for attempting to help!

I had one photo in my Photo section, and was trying to delete it. I then came across a button which said "Block Images" (I think I had right clicked on something on the site, on my Profile). I clicked it and all the images on my Profile page disappeared, and I can't see any images anywhere now!

Have a good day.

Love and Peace
Thanks, Ayla
The thing that happened was that I clicked "block images" and it deleted all the images on my profile page, and anywhere I go on i peace!
I will answer your next question now...
Dear Ayla
To answer this question, I was looking where to delete the Photo in My Photos, and also using the right click function. I came across "Block images", clicked on it and then everything disappeared. And I can't find "Block images" any more.

So I can't even explain to you where it is!

Perhaps if you search on your page you might find it, but don't click on it!

Many thanks for your help.
Oh dear, thank you for explaining.
I am using Firefox because my Internet Explorer did not work on i peace (it worked on everything else!)

Can anyone help regarding Firefox?

Thank you very much, Ayla

Love and Peace,

Hi Lana,

you have to klick on "Undo" at the upper right corner of you Fire-Fox window when you are at your iPace-Page.
If you do not see this do the following:
Go to Tools > Options > select Content > Check Expections under "Load images automatically"

I think this is the issue ..

Thanks very much Wael, I will try that!

Dear Wael / Jafra

I cannot see “Undo” at the top right hand corner when I am on my Page.

But going through Tools, Options, Content

Load images automatically is already ticked.

If I go into Exceptions there are two lines:

Api.ning.com which says blocked and
www.Ipeace.me which says allow

Should api.ning.com be allowed too?

I just tried it and now api.ning.com says allow, and I can’t change it!

But it doesn’t bring back my images.

Are you able to suggest where to go from there, please?

Many thanks,

Ooh! Thanks, Wael,

I just went back to my page and my pictures have come back!

I am thrilled.

Thank you so much!

I think it is solved, now.


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