Sri Devanayagi Parameswaran

The Mahavidya Girls School Project
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Inspired by the work of Shri Param Eswaran, the Mahavidya School for Little Goddesses of South India was created by Sri Devanayagi Parameswaran to give a safe, loving environment for the next generation of Mothers in India. “We believe that when we empower women, we heal families and communities.” ~ Shri Param Eswaran The School Project intends to allow young girls gain the tools and confidence to bless their families and communities with the Grace and Love of the Divine Mother, as Living Goddesses. For when a Mother is Divine, the home is heaven. There they will receive an education that is nurturing for their body, mind and spirit. In addition to receiving a modern education, these young girls will receive an education in traditional Indian culture, so that these girls will be able to advance the future of their communities while still embracing the rich traditions of the past. The scope of this project is to help build the Mahavidya School and to put it on firm footing so that it can continue to grow and thrive into the future. Our goal is to raise approximately $100,000 USD for this phase of the project. The breakdown for the project is as follows:

New kitchen and dining room US $ 6,026.00
Special toilets that will suit little goddesses US $ 8,104.00
Dormitories for 20 students and 6 staff members to be built this year US $49,872.00
2 new classrooms US $10,387.00
Play ground US $ 2,000.00
Equipment US $ 4,156.00
Library US $ 5,402.00
Wages US $12,468.00
Sundries US $ 4,000.00
Engineering & Architectural $5,000.00

Total US $107,415.00

Please join Humanity Healing and help us build a school for the Little Goddesses of South India: The Mahavidya Girls School. For further information, please visit:

Direct contributions can be made to: Humanity Healing Att: Mahavidya Girls School Project 9947 Hull Street Road, Suite 117, Richmond, VA 23236 (804)-859-3395 email:
Humanity Healing Foundation is a non-profit corporation based in Virginia, USA and is in affiliation with International Humanities Center, IHCenter, a non-profit public charity exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Federal EIN No. 33-0767921
We would like to say a special “thank you” and salutation to the members of Humanity Healing for their wonderful support and work on promoting the project.

Hudson Leick Celebrity Ambassador for Humanity Healing and Mahavidya Project

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