We are now in the process of paining the classroom. Here is the first painting on the outer wall of the classroom. Next week we will be ordering all the tables, which will also be painted so that they will inspire the children.

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At the same time we have also repainted the statue of Mother Kali, Matangi, and Kamala

We are in the process of building the Kitchen and the Brick factory. The brick factory will be a guarantee that all the bricks used by us to build the school will last for a long time to come, and at the same time generate future income for the school. Over the months, we have together with Humanity Healing, tried tediously to raise fund to complete the kitchen.

Children of India network managed to raise $1115 of which Bruce H. donated $1000 and received other donations from Shri Param Eswaran’s students.

Davide Cane donated Euro 4000 to help promote Para-Tan teachings. Only a portion of the funds were used to promote the teaching and the balance is being used to build the kitchen.

Aernout Kruijswijk donated Euro 4000 specifically to build the brick factory.

Balance of the fund for the kitchen and the brick factory is been funded from the Italian tour.

We will keep you posted as the work progresses.


Foundation work has been done, and rain has stopped work

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