EMPATHY EMAILS is an anti - bullying initiative created by "KIND CLASSES" - an network to help stop school bullying!

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asks individuals, businesses, organizations, charities, and/or newsletter publishers
to send a message of empathy for every student with every one of your emails!

EMPATHY EMAILS can reach thousands worldwide with a simple reminder to have empathy for others! I ask everyone to pass the word on about EMPATHY EMAILS. I ask you also to enourage businesses and organizations to commit to EMPATHY EMAILS!
With such support we can spread a message of empathy for every student worldwide!

are emails ending with the signature message -

Encouraging Empathy For Every Student! (optional)

The url - -
directs you to a web page at
" website.
It is optional to include the url- although it will bring people to our anti - bullying website.
The message of empathy, however, is the star of EMPATHY EMAILS!

You can also submit your name via a form on that web page and your committment will be noted in the scroller showing the names of those who have committed to
Businesses or organizations or newsletter publishers can show that they use
EMPATHY EMAILS and help spread this worthwhile message.

Just follow the insructions of your email provider
for including a signature at the end of your email!

How do you create a signature
in Outlook Express 6?
Select Tools, Options, Signature.
Check box - add signature to all outgoing mail.

How do you create a signature in Hotmail?
Select Options, Customize Your Mail, Personal Email Signature.
Select your font, font size, and text alignment. Select Globe to insert a link. Save.

How do you create a signature in Yahoo Mail?
Select Mail Options, Signature, Add signature to all outgoing messages, Save.

invites you to join this IPEACE group EMPATHY EMAILS
and commit to sending EMPATHY EMAILS!
Tell us whether you are sending personal, business, charity, organizational emails and/or newsletters. Tell us approximately how many EMPATHY EMAILS you will send on a monthly basis. Then visit
web page -
and submit your info through the notification form. And pass on the word to individuals and businesses and organizations! Please continue to scroll down to find the form
- there seems to be a small technical issue there.

'"KIND CLASSES" also invites those of you who are at the Facebook network
to join the
Facebook group.

Why should you send EMPATHY EMAILS?
Every Empathy Email you send - individual, business, or in a newsletter reminds everyone to strive for kinder schools! Imagine how many people Empathy Emails can reach worldwide!

The inspiration for EMPATHY EMAILS came from two opposite levels within the school system.My foremost inspiration for EMPATHY EMAILS was the lack of empathy I observed shown towards some within the school system. A top school board official also inspired me by always including a quote about children and learning at the end of his emails.
Encouraging our children to have empathy for others and be accepting of differences
will go far in the fight against school bullying!

We hope for kinder classes!
I hope we can send many messages reminding everyone
to have empathy for every student!

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