A) CROP CIRCLES. The crop circles are large forms that are usually shaped in fields of cereals, during one night by the ‘‘light balls’’ that fly for a few seconds above the fields. The crop circles have been photographed and published in books and in the internet and they carry information and transfer energies that the extraterrestrials of various origins send to Earth. These cosmic energies can be felt and understood by charismatic individuals that walk in the crop circles, (as is also my friend Kalisto, see page II.1.D3). It is noteworthy that the crops are not cut (destroyed) but are tied up together for the creation of the forms, fact that proves the good intention of the extraterrestrials. These forms, that each one covers tens of acres, are usually round and they resemble the ‘‘mandalas’’ that exist since the ancient times mainly described in the religions of the East, and for this reason are also called the mandalas of the extraterrestrials.

B) MANDALAS. The mandalas are geometrical forms (usually of circular form symmetrical to their centre, but exist also as oval or square etc) that are created either by painting (two-dimensional), or by using various materials such as colourful sand, stones, crystals and other objects (three-dimensional). The mandalas are used particularly by people of the Eastern religions (but also many mandalas exist in the western churches), in order to attract the positive energies that each mandala represents, functioning as antennas that tune us to their energies when we look at them, or still more intensely when we construct them. For this reason a lot of monks in the East have as a common exercise the construction of mandalas (usually with sand of various colours), and after they finish and an inspector checks the mandala, they destroy it and proceed with the construction of the next, considering that the value lies mainly in the process of production and not in the product. You can find mandalas in many relevant books and in the internet, where also the attributes that the mandalas transfer to us are explained (e.g. health, abundance, mental calm etc). I add in this page a 13 minutes draft recording of crystal sounds including four parts, one general and one for each of the first three notes i.e Do (C), Re (D), and Mi (E).

C) SACRED GEOMETRY. The various symbols, the geometrical forms (two and three-dimensional), and generally the various pictures that compose all of them the ‘‘Sacred Geometry’’, derive (among others), from the seventh dimension (which is completely non-material). Each one of these elements has its own frequencies in which we are tuned using it as an antenna, and ‘‘grounds’’ to us (that is to say transfers) its own cosmic energies from the seventh dimension. Thus, e.g., when we visualise, or we draw, or we call upon the symbols of Reiki etc, they transfer to us their healing and other energies that we use. Something similar happens also with the mandalas (fact that a lot of people knew since the ancient times and use until today); the only difference is that the mandalas apart from the healing, can transfer to us a lot of other beneficial for us energies. These energies are not addressed to the conscious mind but they speak directly to the unconscious.

D) THE MANDALAS OF THIS SITE. Influenced by the crop circles of the extraterrestrials (30 photographs of which I have included in folders F4A.59 and F4A.60 of GROUP 4A of my site), but also from the beautiful mandalas of the East, I decided to paint my mandalas (that are included in the files F4A.1 till F4A.58 of GROUP 4A of my site, while 30 of them appear in the present page), giving weight not only in the forms but also in the choice of colours and in the technique that I used in the computer. These mandalas, besides the artistic value, can also be used as antennas in order to connect us with energies, (as the symbols of Reiki do, that appear in page II.2.D3), and for this reason I give them in my site in ‘‘tiff’’ files, for the visitors to be able to print them in large size. Thus looking at these mandalas the visitor can select those that by any chance ‘‘speak’’ to him, and use them experiencing the sentiments that create and feeling the energies that transmit to him, and gradually he can discover also the particular beneficial attribute that each mandala he selected might have for him. Moreover, hanging the mandalas on the walls of a room, can (by the energies that attract), create an important improvement of the Feng-Shui of the space. Finally, because I consider that a lot of things are subjective, I did not attempt to connect a mandala with a certain attribute, but I give below about 100 ‘‘positive words’’ that someone, (using his intuition), can connect a word of his interest with a certain mandala that will transfer to him the energies that the word describes.

E) POSITIVE WORDS. I had included these words in a book that I had written years ago when I had dealt with the health and the alternative treatments, and I had connected these words with the ‘‘Creative Visualisation'' that I described there. This book, titled ‘‘Diet, Health, Reinforcement and Success’’ (that included rules of healthy diet and health in general, diets of detoxification and slimming, the techniques and the steps of the ‘‘creative visualisation'' and of the shiatsu massage, reflexology, cromatotherapy, etc), I had published in 3000 copies and I had given it, free of charge, to friends and to members of relevant with its content associations. Because, therefore, a picture (that speaks straight to the unconscious mind), is much more powerful than a word, one can instead of simply visualising a word, to see also the symbol-antenna that coordinates him with the frequency and connects him with the energy of the attributes that are included in the word. Such positive words are, among others, the following:

- Serenity, calm, peace, quietness, relaxation, alleviation, safety, protection.
- Health, well-being, energy, liveliness, force, invigoration, vigour, reinforcement.
- Joy, happiness, satisfaction, plenitude, comfort, pleasure, enjoyment, euphoria, bliss.
- Cheerfulness, insouciance, amusement, mirth, laughter, song, spree.
- Love, devotion, affection, friendship, tenderness, kindness, acceptance.
- Abundance, prosperity, wealth, success, recognition, glory, luck.
- Optimism, enthusiasm, confidence, faith, hope, patience, certainty, courage.
- Self-confidence, self-esteem, love of our self.
- Achievement, insistence, action, improvement, release, salvation.
- Beauty, perfection, attraction, grace, elegance, warmth, politeness of soul, radiation.
- Generosity, solidarity, offer, sympathy, reconciliation, cordiality.
- Wisdom, creation, inspiration, imagination, originality, lucidity, progress, effectiveness.
- Education, culture, intelligence, efficiency, talents, correct judgment.
- Productivity, honesty, sincerity, responsibility, principles.
- Harmony, balance, development, completion, rebirth, enlightenment.

F) THERAPEUTIC SOUNDS. 1) General: The sounds, like the Sacred Geometry, are vibrations based also in the seventh dimension and are (also) not addressed to the conscious mind, but speak directly to the unconscious. Under certain conditions they have powerful cleaning, energising and therapeutic qualities. These precious qualities have mainly the clean crystal sounds, and their more common source is from the crystal bowls, made from 99.995% fused silica quartz. They have the form of a pot (see the photo below) with thickness of about 0.5 cm. (0.2” in) and usual diameters from 15 to 60 cm. (6” – 24” in.). Each one is tuned to one musical note representing one of the seven chakras and its sound reminds the sound of a bell. The bigger the diameter the lower the octave, and reversely the small diameters give the high sounds. Our seven chakras of our body are influenced respectively by the seven notes, of the crystal bowls, with the following order: Root chakra – Do (C). The sex chakra – Re (D). Of solar plexus – Mi (E). Of heart – Fa (F). Of neck – Sol (G). Of the third eye – La (A). And the crown chakra – Ci or Ti (B). (More about chakras, you can see in my previous page II.2.D3, and in the relevant bibliography).

2) Use of crystal bowls. We strike the bowls (usually from outside) with special (soft) hammers-sticks, and then we rub their external surface near the edge with another stick. Turning the stick around in continuous contact with the (usually external) surface, the bowl sounds intensely (as it happens in a crystal glass when we do the same, with our finger). Turning it anti-clockwise extends (opens) the chakra (that corresponds with the note) and cleans it. This should be done fist and for quite a while. Turning it clockwise, it activates the cleaned chakra and it should follow the cleaning. The bigger diameters, for a certain note, (low octave), help better in the extension and in cleaning, while on the contrary the smaller diameters (higher octaves), help better in the activation of the chakra. Thus, if we can afford we could buy two bowls, one big and one small, for the chakra we are particularly interested. If we cannot buy both, we should prefer the big one. If the bowl is not very heavy, we could lie down and place it upon our body, so that the vibrations are more effective. Finally, instead of using the bowls, we can have a high quality recording of the sounds they produce, which also has the above good results, however not as powerful as when we use the bowls.

3) Therapeutic treatments. As is also written in the related bibliography, sound therapy uses the principles of resonance, entrainment, and vibration to effect changes in tissues and organs. When something vibrates, it creates a sound wave, which spreads out to all molecules around it. Gently rubbing a quartz crystal bowl with a playing stick causes the bowl to vibrate and the pure sound and tone created penetrates and is disseminated throughout the body by numerous nerves and by bone conduction to the extent that the music can be felt as well as heard. Quartz crystal bowls create very high frequency overtones that can help relax you while energizing your brain and cleaning and energizing your chakras. People often describe feeling totally relaxed yet fully energized. It is the resonance of the sounds (the frequency of vibration) of these bowls that your body begins to resonate with, in order to change and uplift its vibration. This is where natural healing begins. When e.g. an organ is ill either in the physical body or only in the energy body (i.e. before the illness has any symptoms yet), then the vibration that it produces (because noteworthy that everything in nature is vibrating), is that of an ill organ. Therefore it should be heeled by creating a resonance with the suitable vibration of pure crystal sounds, so that to prevent, or to cure the illness.

4) Root (or basic) chakra. As an example of the therapeutic effect that has the crystal sound in various chakras, I will take the root chakra (because if this is not cured first, no other chakra can be fully cured). This is located in the perineum, and constitutes the centre of the force of life, and through this (when it is not closed) all the energies of Earth enter in our body. This is “built” during the first 3.5 years of the life of the child. If during this period the child had an accident, ill-treatment, lack of love, abandonment, lack of game, or happened to have overprotective or very strict parents that continuously prohibited him to do anything, then the chakra that is created is malfunctioned and causes serious problems to the adult. Such problems are inter alia: In the physical level: Problems in the back, the waist, the skeleton, the teeth, the skin, the intestine (cancer), the kidneys, the prostate, the blood, the immunogenic, etc. In the mental level: Lack of confidence to himself and to the others, phobias for his personal safety, for his health, for the safeguarding of his fortune, etc, and mainly for death. Permanent economic insecurities and fear that he will not survive, mistrust to everything, greed and in particular in the proteins (meat), lack of enjoyment of life that considers it as a heavy task, and greed for satisfactions (alcohol, sex, etc). Anger, insistence in imposing his opinion and will, continuous effort to take without giving, negligence to protect his body (e.g. heaving problems with heart and continuing to smock), addictions, fury for excessive cleanness, etc.

5) Application of the treatment. It is of fundamental importance, to clean and extend first the root chakra, before we advance to the others. We use the bowl with the note Do, (i.e. C) with a diameter of at least 50 cm (20” in) which we rub anti-clockwise for quite a while. Then we energise it by rubbing it (or a smaller bowl of note Do) clockwise. This procedure has to be repeated for days, and if necessary (for a very much weak chakra) even for months. If we have two bowls of note Do (C) e.g. one large (e.g. 50 cm - 20” in.) and one small (e.g. 20 cm - 8” in.) then we can achieve quicker and better results, using the large (low octave) for cleaning-enlarging, and the small bowl (high octave) for energizing. We can strengthen this “sound-therapy” with “aromatic-therapy” (using the oils: cedar, carnation, levanter, hyacinth), and with “crystal-therapy” (using the crystals: agate, hematite, rose quartz, ruby, red coral). When we finish with the 1st chakra we proceed with the 7th, which is its complementary (1+7=8) using the corresponding bowl of note Ci or Ti (i.e. B). So we continue by selecting another pair e.g. the 2nd and 6th (6+2=8) or the 3rd and 5th (5+3=8) or the 4th, while the time that is required for healing each one, depends on the condition of each chakra.

6) The other six chakras: Details of the attributes of the other chakras, and of the areas of the body or the mind that influences each one (when it does not function as it should), you will find in the relative bibliography about chakras. Still details for the crystal bowls and sounds in general, you will find in my friend’s Kallisto site (, who is an intuitive crystal sound healer and psychic energetic channel for the crystal sound beings and sounds) as well as in a shop in UK that sells the bowls (see ) and in a shop in Greece (see Finally, in order to facilitate those who do not intend to buy a bowl, I have bought 14 bowls (7 large and 7 small for the 7 chakras) in order to include a high fidelity recording in a separate new page of my site (II.2.D6 to be ready soon), so that everybody can use these therapeutic energies. This recording will be separate for each chakra (both for cleaning-extending as well as for energising, i.e. 14 recordings), that will work together with the relevant colors and our intention to heal. In addition details are given (as for the root chakra above), about the attributes and the areas that are influenced by each of the other 6 chakras, which areas, if a problem exists, they will be enforced and healed.

Ending this short report about the therapeutic sounds, I would like to mention that also the symbols of Reiki etc, are more effective if they are accompanied by the corresponding sounds. Thus, more specifically for the “Symbol of Joy” that I have introduced (see the previous page of my site II.2.D3), the sound it is the note Ci (or Ti) (i.e. the B), and even better the sequence Ci-Do-La (i.e. B-C-A). Finally, I welcome any comments of those who will try this sound therapy, and I thank them in advance for their time. I add in this page a 13 minutes draft recording of crystal sounds including four parts, one general and one for each of the first three notes i.e Do (C), Re (D), and Mi (E).

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