A Day Off, Simon Balyon

A Day Off,by Simon Balyon.

Oil Painting Reproductions From The Famous Master Artists.

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Mody,  A day off is a wonderful thing!  So romantic & calming.  I need one of those soon!  Love, Best &  Peace,  Teresa

thank  you  my dear friend , best to  you too 

Mody,  Once again I am wide awake when others are sleeping, with my Peppermint Mocha, low-fat latte by my side as I stay awake to watch your show & work as well.  I also have  Spanish musica on the radio.  Do you know of the software, which is free, called Spotify?  If you download this software, we can share music online as well.  Check it out at: www.spotifiy.com....... So, here I am wide awake, yet again.  :)  Love & Peace,  Teresa

ok my friend ,no thank you  i  have my  own music  here .enjoy your  time .you welcome Teresa

peace to  you too.


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