A New Day Dawning, 1997, Thomas Kinkade

A New Day Dawning, 1997,by Thomas Kinkadeby.

Oil Painting Reproductions From The Famous Master Artists.

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And yes, it is a new day!  I will take this Thomas Kinkade "A New Day Dawning" on my journey. I am hosting a women's dinner at the US Institute of Peace in Washington DC in March of this coming year....In preparation, I went there last week to see the venue in DC....Peaceful and amazing....All this I did on my own, but it is the being able to share that warms me at night. A sunset is more beautiful when shared as well.


As I leave ipeace in the morning, I must say that I am sorry that you see it necessary to hurt......It is a choice, yes, but not necessary.  I still gaze at the stars each night and take runs alone, but I still have connection with others and choose not to hurt.  It is a big day here tomorrow with the dancers, and orchestra coming in from all over the world.  All I wanted this eving was a casual, and meaningful conversation with a new friend.....Instead conflict filled the inbox....I wish for you that you find that hurt is not necessary and that love of any kind can keep hurts away and lessens the pain when hurts do come on over.  


As I turn down the covers for sleep I have decided to wake up with energy, passion and the knowledge that I do NOT have to hurt, if I do, it will be my choice.  None of us are alone Mody! We are all one....... I will leave you and iPeace alone and continue on my path to bringing total peace to the world.  Warm breezes and lots of warm friends,  Teresa


i wish  you  good new  day  tomorrow full of  love and peace to  all  people around you my friend

you are  great  really.

and i know you are  very helpful to every one around you .that is  good

ipeace  will miss  you Teresa but it is  your choice  and no one can  force  you to stay  here.

 i do not know if being hurt is necessary  to me or not but i learned  all  my life till today i got many times  hurt from  different people  around me .and  i still alive .is not  good  thing .lol

thank  you Teresa for all good time  here.

be safe,be well my  friend

take care  always

peace  to  you dear

The one thing I will miss is the virtual coffee you prepare :)  I wish you well, Teresa

if you  like you  can  copy  the image  and keep it  to  your  pc 

and you still can stay in ipeace  if  you change  your mind my friend

if it is  about me  you can  just  deleted me from  your list  and not leave  ipeace 

peace to  you


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