A Woman Walking in a Garden, 1887, Vincent Van Gogh

A Woman Walking in a Garden, 1887,  by Vincent Van Gogh.

Oil Painting Reproductions From The Famous Master Artists.

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I ssaw this one in person in Amsterdam @ The Van Gogh Museum.  I loved the whole experience.  As my Mother is Dutch it was doubly as wonderful.  Van Gogh was a winter person too and very sensitive, which shows up in his art.  Did I tell you that I had a minor in Art History?  I used to take the train from Milwaukee, WI to Chicago's Art Museum by myself as a student just to be close to the art and the history of it all.  Maybe that is another reason we had a quick friend connection?  Good choice once again Mody, and yes, I am still awake.  No more coffee for me after 6:00 in the evening...:)  Teresa from the Lone Star State

that is nice  ,i used  to have  friend  from Rottedam  i met her in 1989  in cairo ( khn el  khalele  area)

and she was  my first foreign    friend  i have .i still remember her name .Petra  Horseman

she were so  beautiful .do not know where she is now .lol

i wish one day i can visit  that museum  there ,i know Holland is  full of art and flowers too 

if  you still  awake are  you up to  chat ?

peace  Terry .lol

Yes,  I am.  How do we do that? 

 Also,  are we even now...... You have kept me awake all night.  Is that enough punishment for working through our chat time today? lol   I  would enjoy chatting if I can get Yahoo messanger going.   Teresa

you  can  download it in 2 minutes  if you  want  and it is free 

so it is  up to you  my friend .

just  put yahoo messenger in search  and you will get it 

i never  mean  or wish to punish  you  Teresa ,i am serious now

hope one  day  you  will know me better 


OK, give me a few minutes and I will download Yahoo messenger.  Ok?

thanks  Terry .lol


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