A Young Girl,1886,William Bouguereau

A Young Girl,1886,by William Bouguereau 

Oil Painting Reproductions From The Famous Master Artists.

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Beautiful & reflective is this girl!  Did you get my  message  about the problem with Yahoo Messenger?  It is only temporary.

yes  she is  have  reflective  light  from  her  soul  through  her  eyes .

yes i got it  and do not know  what is your  fb is !!!

Mody, I am on Facebook right now.  You have to put my name in the FB search to send me an invite.  I will quickly accept and then we can chat hopefully!   Teresa with a Middle name of Jean Elizabeth to Mody with a middle name of Trouble.  lol  Just joking!!! 

i  sent it  hours   ago now  !!!  you got it 

yes right  Terry lol 

i never  call  you  Teresa again just  Terry .lol


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