Accomodations of Desire, 1929, Salvador Dali

Accomodations of Desire, 1929,by  Salvador Dali .

Oil Painting Reproductions From The Famous Master Artists.

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I like this, but have to really think of the interpretation to my person.  Of course, I love it partly because it

belongs to the body of work of Salvador Dali.  I adored him in college.  He and Miles Davis on the Jazz side of

the house got me through many long nights of paper writings.  What are your thoughts on this piece? I would love to know......


Carefree & Full of Life, Teresa


Salvador Dali  has  a special  school  or  style of  work and  he  used to  use  cheerful  colors  and with every  color  he use you can  feel  something different  and know  what he want to say .and same thing  when use the  shadow too

so on this piece  now he  want  to send  a message  about desire  by colors and shadow  . it is  full  of  sense 

warm  hugs for  ( first one tonight lol )

I enjoyed that description from your soul for the piece. Also I love Dali! And the warm hug may help me fall asleep, you think?  Warm hug to you with a tight squeeze for the hard time you gave me lol.  Teresa

yes  he is  one of the  best  artist on world  .

well  then i take my warm  hug back to not  help  you sleep 

ohhhh  Warm hug to me with a tight squeeze !!! you  may break my chest  on this  waylol

i think you have strong  body build  and i am not .lol

i am slim body  with  92  kg wight  .so be careful  with  hug me  lightly  plz  lol

kiss  ( first one  too for  tonight .lol )

OK.  But in the meantime, why don't you ask to be my Friend on Facebook if you have an account and then I will accept and then we can chat on FB?  I will take care of the double account with Yahoo tomorrow, or should I say later today.    Warm not so tight hugs,  Teresa

yes sure  what is your  fb ??

Warm hug  with a tight squeeze for not get  yahoo now .lol

Teresa Moraska should do it for you.  Just key in my name in the search bar....  I  am on FB now......  Why is this simple stuff so hard?  lol 

ok  i will try  find you  but what are  you  wearing now .lol

you  make  this  simple  stuff  so  hard lol  i know it 

I will have to put on clothes if we use video. :)

lol  is it  important !!!


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