How does it feel to Follow Your Heart?

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clouds-happiness2Following your heart simply means fulfilling the deeper needs of your Soul. Your Soul speaks to you through your heart. All you have to do is pay attention to the longings you feel in your heart and then have the courage to fulfill them. Simple…but not easy. Fear often gets in the way of people fulfilling those deeper Soul level desires.

However, it is absolutely worth the risk to follow your heart because when you fulfill the deeper needs of your Soul, life becomes so much better. You experience a deeper level satisfaction than you ever thought possible. Life becomes more fulfilling, more meaningful and more joyful. When you fulfill the needs of your Soul you are tapping into the pure positive energy that is you at the core.

Your Soul is that pure positive energy and you can only experience it when you follow your heart. It holds the clues to what makes life meaningful for you and it’s different for everyone. For some people they have a deeper desire to do what they love. Others may have a desire for more intimacy, companionship or closeness in their relationships. Some people have a longing to develop stronger friendships, strengthen family ties, or maybe just to pursue a passion.

Whatever it is for you, rest assured that the longings you feel in your heart are messages from your Soul giving you feedback about what makes life meaningful for you. When you follow that feeling you are tapping into the positive energy of your Soul. At that point, all sorts of other wonderful feelings start to surface. You start to feel a deep sense of gratitude for everything in your life. You wake up feeling happier. You go to bed feeling happier. You connect with others easier and you will continually find yourself saying “I love my life!”

This isn’t to say that you will never experience challenges again or that you will never feel negative emotions again. Of course you will. However, when you are fulfilling the deeper needs of your Soul those challenges seem less daunting. You feel so much more capable of dealing with them. You don’t worry as much. You develop an inner knowing that things will turn out for the best in the end. When things happen in your life that are challenging they don’t cripple you like they used to. You no longer need to have everything go perfectly in your life in order to feel happy because you are satisfied at the level of your Soul now.

Till next time….

Follow Your Heart to Happiness!

Linda Higgins

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