The Way to Open Yourself to the Wisdom of the Heart

There is a simple yet powerful way for you to uncover your intuitive knowingness and follow your heart… Letting go! It is very simple. When you believe you are either being mislead by the mind or are not sure that gut sense you are experiencing is actually intuition, simply let go using The Sedona Method.

If you let go and it is simply mental confusion or emotional reaction it will simply lessen as you let go and may even fully disappear. If it is a message from your heart – your own knowingness – it will simply get quieter and clearer as you let go.

Now you know why Lester Levenson, the inspiration behind The Sedona Method, said “Intuition is only right 100% of the time.” He knew as you now do that if you let go of your reactions and trust the true messages of the heart you can not go wrong.

Allow yourself to explore letting go instead of allowing your doubt or reactions to control you the next time you are attempting to know what to do. You will find yourself following your heart and naturally moving in the direction of attracting all that is for your highest good.

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Well said Bridget, I've been teaching this to my clients for a long time now. I am always amazed at the changes and good things they share with me as a result of their practicing this. Life doesn't have to be a roller coaster.


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