So what do you think, guys?? Are you ready to come show me some of your "Animal Friends?" Do you think children (and adults) are happier and more stress free with animals around to provide companionship? Let me know how you stand on the subject of whether or not children NEED Pet Friends. I would love to see pix of YOUR wonderful pets if you want to share, or any other photo that has caught your eye. :D

Mankind has made friends with many species of animals, from mice to elephants, and in return they have provided us with loyalty and unconditional love that only ends with their death. Children in particular, benefit from being pet owners. Here's what the Orange County Kid's Activity Blog has to say about it. I have added a few photos to the mix! :D --Christie

Pets are good for kids. Pets have a way of wiggling into our hearts and staying there. That has to be good for kids, right? Well, it may be more true than you know.

Who is enjoying this more? The child or the cat?

Who is enjoying this more? The child or the cat?

Pets Reduce Stress

When you interact with a pet, you do so at their level. At their level there are no complicated decisions to make, no judgments and no worries about tomorrow. Just the pet, the person and love.

Pets Enhance Children’s Self-Esteem

Why? Because they always love you. No matter what you did at school or how much trouble you’re in with Mom, Buddy thinks you are the bomb.

Love at first sight

Pets Encourage Empathy

It’s easy to see when your pet is happy, scared or hurt. They don’t try to hide it like people do. And if a kid has a problem, it’s obvious to him that the dog or cat is on his side. Now he’s not alone anymore.

Pets Help with Communication Skills

You don’t talk to pets the same way that you talk to people. It’s much simpler and more intuitive. Tone of voice, body language and touch have to get the message across. Kids who learn this are likely to incorporate these skills into their interaction with others.

Pets Encourage Responsibility

Pets need attention, which is something that even the youngest children can give. As kids get older, they might be responsible for feeding and grooming pets, cleaning up cages and other chores. And best of all, the “person” who benefits is someone who adores you.

Pets Help Kids Understand Illness and Death

Since many pets have a shorter life-span than humans, there’s a good chance that at some time during their childhood, kids will lose a pet. This is when they learn how to work through grief.
There's nothing like caring for something smaller than you.

Is it Time to go for the Real Thing?

If you’re ready to take the plunge, consider adopting an animal. The current foreclosure crisis has left many pets without homes. You can find them at the local animal shelter or maybe through a classified ad or rescue organization. Be sure to do your research so you’ll get a pet that fits with your family’s home and life and is good with kids. Take your new friend to your veterinarian to make sure he’s in good health. And then enjoy the many benefits for your kids and yourself for many years to come.

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Hi MommaToldMeNotToCome,
Fantastic work! Keep it up!

friends..Cu and Hobbes takin' a nap.

I have 4 furry four legged kittie children, and my Roommate/friend has 4 also..I live in the lil house behind her's and my Cu punkin's and Sweet Sydney spend a lot of time each day up at the "big " house. The only two of mine that all of hers are included as part of the tribe.My oldest Jacob and youngest Louie not as much. Jacob likes visiting the big house but 2 of hers won't let him:( they fight sometimes but get along most of the time. and wee Louie and Viv's youngest are buddies outside but Louie doesn't go visit at Viv's house and Scotty doesn't visit in the lil house, they play and hang out together outside.. we are all family & friends :-) plus 4 racoon families that come for dinner every night many generations over the years have been coming here and bring their babies..then we have our neighbor's dog Piggy that comes by 2-3 times a day for some attention and treats,lol is a bit of a zoo around here ..but love it!!
I never call my animal friends "pets" never liked that word,as animals are their own sentient beings and though my kitties belong with me and I with them, I do not like implied ownership..except of course legally so no one could take them from me..

Scotty ( in the middle) and buddies in a kitteh pile
we were fostering them for a few months..
Viv adopted Scotty..she wanted All of them but couldn't cuz we had so many mouths to feed already..

Well no one answered the door? so we thought would just drop in for a
a few of our racoon friends

All My furry Children..except Cu,not in this pic
Jacob,Louie, Sydney and Tony ( Cu not in pic) Tony- long hair gray cat- RIP passed away peacefully at home in the yard under a starry Feb. night 2008..

Cuchulain -aka Cu Punkins on Daddy Des's case...



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