Today a dream of mine for a long time will be realized, that being a Politician that is visionary will step into office and is appealing to the best in all of us. This man holds the hope and dreams of all of us to remove racism and unite us as a people globally by doing one thing, leading by example. His ripple in the pond on the world affects us all. I'm Canadian and I am so proud of this man and his mission. Every so often if we're lucky, we're honoured to have someone like Barack Hussein Obama impact our lives in a great way.

I hope you will all join me today in welcoming America's new President and Hope not only for America but for the world at large. Let us all, join in the spirit of Peace and Happiness for all and start the wheels of Progress as a World Effort.

Let us Evolve to 1) Heal our Earth 2) Remove the Hatred toward our fellow man 3) Concentrate our Efforts on Exploration of our Universe and finally 3 ) Celebrate our Humanitarian Efforts to Improve the Lives of everyone we meet :)

Be Blessed in all you do and remember.....

Keep your Fun Meter Pegged!

:) Jay "The Uber Funologist"

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I am excited as well. I know from living in Illinois, he has done great things for the people. I knew in my heart we needed more people like him in this world. I knew as good as he was for the state of Illinois he could do wonderful things for this country perhaps world wide. He is a man for the people.

Please be careful not to expect more from him than he is able to do. He is a man and we need to keep that in mind as we watch him take his oath today for the office of the President of the United states. Not everything he will do while he is in office will make everyone happy. There will be ups and downs in this presidency as in any other.I can tell you he will continue to do his best as he has always done for all of us. Give him your prayers as he preforms the tremendous job he has been elected to do. The Presidency is an important job. The majority of the people in the US have put their trust in him. He has become our hope for the future of the US and for the world, as the US is aone of the major super powers of the world. We have placed a lot on the shoulders of this man. I pray God Bless him for being willing to take on this task. May God Bless us for Putting our support behind this man as he works to better the very world we live in.


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