I am currently seeking ideas to try to assist Humanity and start to raise funds for the assistance of such issues?

What issues do you think are important for all beings to live in peace as I would like to try to assist these ideas in the future..



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Luke with simple things you can help
Today the biggest problem that I see are refugees --- Getting started after a war? How to give hope to those who lost everything? Help restart peace ... is to kill hope and the hunger of all lost ... Help again
The Gandhian path offers hope, as the Dali Lama said: "As Mahatma Gandhi showed by his own example, nonviolence can be implemented not only in politics but also in day-to-day life. …If we can do this, we will be fulfilling Mahatma Gandhi's legacy to us. It is my prayer that, as we enter this new century, nonviolence and dialogue will increasingly come to govern all human relations."
-Clicia Pavan
Lucas con cosas simples que usted puede ayudar
Hoy en día el mayor problema que veo son refugiados --- Cómo empezar después de una guerra? Cómo dar esperanza a aquellos que perdieron todo? Ayuda reiniciar la paz ... es matar la esperanza y el hambre de todos los perdidos ... Ayuda de nuevo
El camino ofrece la esperanza de Gandhi, como el Dali Lama dijo: "Como se mostró Mahatma Gandhi por su propio ejemplo, la no violencia puede ser aplicado no sólo en la política, sino también en el día a día. ... Si podemos hacer esto, estaremos cumplir el legado de Mahatma Gandhi para nosotros. Es mi oración que, al entrar en este nuevo siglo, la no violencia y el diálogo cada vez más a todas las relaciones humanas. "
Clicia Pavan
Thanks for your advice.. I agree and will write it down for when I can do more for people. Thank you for your comment it is appreciated.
thank you... what sort... sanitary and self sustainability perhaps?
One man (Henry Dunant) had the idea to paint a white cloth with a red cross
So did the International Red Cross. Whether in war, peace, conflict in the media of any kind,the Red Cross became a symbol of help and love of neighbor. starting from a simple idea The dream becomes reality
Un hombre (Henry Dunant) tuvo la idea de pintar una tela blanca con una cruz roja
También lo hizo la Cruz Roja Internacional. Ya sea en la guerra, la paz, los conflictos en los medios de comunicación de ningún tipo, la Cruz Roja se convirtió en un símbolo de ayuda y amor al prójimo. a partir de una idea simple El sueño se hace realidad
Clicia Pavan
Hello Luke,
I live in LaSalle-Montreal, Quebec. Thank you for your question about assisting humanity. It is a very large question to which the following short paragraphs are an indication. I became involved in this question and community service 41 years ago. Thirty years ago after having lived and worked among Dukobour, Mennonite, Quaker and First Nations communities in British Columbia, I took a 'Vow of solidarity', to spend my available time, money and resources for the purposes of essential food, shelter, clothing, warmth and health for my family and for all. We all realise that peace has to start with each one of us, but as well flow freely through our economic welcome and interaction with all people. A Dukobour elder 35 years ago advised me on the necessity to help urban populations find our way back into harmony with nature.

This vow led me back to my urban roots in Montreal where I am occupied in the development of urban ecological community through 1. Relational Economy and 2. Multi-family housing with the Sustainable Development Corporation. We are concerned in the development of inclusive participatory processes that all may contribute to. As both capitalism and cooperatives have exclusive limitations, our study and analysis has focused on their origines in 'indigenous' (Latin = 'self-generating') 'economic' (Greek = 'care and nurture of the home and family') practices.

Our research with First Nations has brought us to a wealth of material on diverse aspects of the traditional Indigenous Welcome from around the world: Time-based accounting (String-shell accounting systems), Livelihood Solidarity, Dialectic research / conflict resolution (Both-Sides-Now, Equal-Time-Recorded-Dialogue), Circle -Council processes, Consensus, Caucussing, Production Society Specialisation, Progressive Ownership (apprentice to elder), Male-Female partnership, Elemental (Sun, Water, Air, Soil & Life) Design, Multi-family housing, Ecological (Living systems) Design, Multi-level (3-dimensional) orchard-based Food Productivity (100 times more productive than 2-D agriculture) and others.

We are all originally indigenous peoples from every place on earth, although imperialism and colonialism have turned us against our roots. The good news is that we have incredible indigenous (internal) resources together that have inspired humanity for hundreds of thousands of years. The most advanced corporations of the world in the Keiretsu (Toyota etc) of Japan, Chaebol of Korea, Associative Economics of Europe, Participatory Industries are based in Multi-stakeholder progressive ownership systems that implement these traditions.

This is the work (websites below) I am part of. We can not talk of peace without sharing livelihood generation. I would like to hear about your own devotion,

Douglas Jack, eco-montreal@mcgill.ca 514-364-0599, LaSalle, H8R 1X9, Quebec
Ecoplan http://ecoplan.mcgill.ca
Eco-Montreal Tiohtiake Green Map www.eco-montreal.mcgill.ca
Tsi Tetsionitiotiakon Sustainability Rooted in Heritage http://cbed.geog.mcgill.ca/WIP.html
Dar cuidado a los niños en todos los aspectos, dignidad, educación, alimento, porque ellos son los más desprotegidos después una guerra por ejemplo, después de una hambruna, o catástrofe climática
Los niños son el futuro del mundo
Patricia Araya

Providing care to children in every respect, dignity, education, food, for they are most vulnerable after a war for example, after a famine or climate catastrophe. Children are the future of the world

Patricia Araya
After reading some of the excellent ideas posted here on " 'Ideas' to Assist Humanity", I would tend to rephrase the question to "Personal and human 'processes' to assist humanity". Clicia describes this as "showing by example" as per Mohandas Gandhi and other human beacons.

The question becomes two-fold as we identify priority goals among us and then describe the common steps we are taking to implement these in our own, family, community and world lives. Thus as proposed by Patricia Araya caring for children as a priority has an important step of personal, family and community implementation, which may as Tony proposes include billboard and other mass-meida advertisement at various junctures.

"Becoming the change which we want to see in the world",


This is my business plan for the business of Peacefulness:

Ask your Inner Being/Inner Child to show you The Peace that Already Exists Within You, and pay attention.

Connect with, and Bask in, That Peace which Already Exists Within You; continue to pay attention.

Give Thanks for and Contemplate Embellishing The Peace that Already Exists Within You, with a Focus on the Feeling of Peace Blossoming Within You.

What we Focus upon Expands; What we feed grows, What we ignore, and replace with another point of focus, withers.

We can only give that which we have, In Heart, In Mind or In Hand, at the moment.

If you seek clarity first, ( "Seek First The Kingdom Of Heaven" ), then you can more easily find the answers to all of your own questions better, and thereby get further faster.

Practicing the principles outlined in this 20 minute audio discourse always helps me, I hope you too will find that it helps you in experiencing greater peace. ( I still listen to it 2 to 3 times per week, mostly while answering emails or stretching out.)


From "The Highest Level of Enlightenment" CD series by Dr. David R. Hawkins.

Relax, Be Still, Breathe Easy, Blessings Be,
Brother V'.


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