As patroniged by veteran Gandhian Shailesh Kumar Bandhopadhyaa this organization was formed to publish Bengali translation of all books written by Mahatma Gandhi to popularise his philosophy. The books will be available in affordable price. The Organization had its first meeting during August '13 and Executive committe comprises of Gopikanta Ghosh as Chairman, Shyamalendu Das as Vice Chairman, Rathin Roy as Secretary and Nityananda Chowdhury as Treasurer. First book 'India of my Dream' by Bapu translated in Bengali as 'Amar swapner Bharat' will be realesed by Gandhian Bal Vijay ji on next Gandhi birthday.

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I shall be in Chak Islampur, Murshidabad, West Bengal to attend meeting of Khadi Mission in an attempt to popularize Gandhian literature in Bengali.


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