Attached is an article by eminent Gandhian from Sri Lanka. He suggested world peace and humanity in Global era. Let us think in that directiion.

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This is a fantastic article. It speeks out and shows ways to reach what nearly everey person is longing for.

It touches my heart to know there is  so much success and it gives me hope to go on in the same direction.

My inner guide gave me a vision long agoe. a vision of oneness in love all over the world. Now I have been workin gon it since 1998 and seems time has come to gather. Now more and more persons see the same vision and have the same wishes. We are comming together, more and more. Worldwide meditations, peace movements and the BIG HUG 2012 event which I like to present you In the last week my inner guid brought me up a meditation for this event, which shall help to build the same pictures and feelings of love and peace all around the globe. In short time we will have the meditaion recorded and later it will be placed on the website for evereyone who is willing to be  with us.

Lots of love to all of us

Sylvia Klaere

President BIG HUG

Thanks and peace


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