In every respect small is beautiful. Large industries do not really help us to grow since it rows by exploitation and creating monopoly. Crisis today is due to these industrial houses. Small and tiny industries helps us to grow better. Not only that they ensures large number of persons employed but also keeps price lower. Gandhi always promoted small any tiny sector. But there are problems too. These units are mostly individual units. A person may not have knowledge in technology, commerce, marketing etc. He may have any one of them. If he is first generation entrepreneur it is still difficult even when he has technical and scientific competence. That is the reason Technical Business Incubators were planned in many technical and engineering colleges in India to handhold these entrepreneurs for couple of year till they succeed. Attached note is a note on such Incubator attached to Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, West Bengal, India. Many such units such units came up. Incubator center of National Institute of Technology, Tiruchinapally is wonderful. The concept must spread to create army of entrepreneuors.

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