We will not let the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi without paying our tribute to this great soul

Happy Birthday India
much peace and love
love Gandhi

We will not let the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi without paying our tribute to this great soul
You are invited to pay such homage to Mahatma Gandhi
No dejaremos que el nacimiento de Mahatma Gandhi, sin pagar nuestro tributo a este gran alma
Usted está invitado a rendir homenaje a Mahatma Gandhi
Throughout his life, Gandhi was voracious defender of peace through the principles of non-violence and non-cooperation. Was with them that Gandhi fought for all people in India live in harmony, cooperating with each other for a strong and united India.
The legacy of Gandhi is a reference to date worldwide. Cover of numerous magazines, the subject of studies, books and movies, some reference in many political speeches, street name in many cities in tribute statues, Indian on the ballots, and in museums and memorials, and notable absence among the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, Gandhi deserves to be celebrated and remembered! It is no coincidence, therefore, that one of only three national holidays in India is named after him.

View more presentations or Author is Venibhai Purohit (1918-1981), poet of Gujarat, the western Indian state where Gandhi was born. This poem appears in his memorial in Delhi and is cited as one of his favorites: It was recited to him every morning before starting their activities almost as a mantra.Whether weary or unweary, O Man, do not rest Do not cease your single-handed struggle. Go on, and do not rest, You will follow confused and tangled pathways, And you will save only a few, sorrowful lives.
O Man, do not lose faith, do not rest.

Your own life will be exhausting and crippling,
And there will be growing dangers on the journey.
O Man, bear all these burdens, do not rest.

Leap over your troubles though they are high as mountains,
And though there are only dry and harren fields beyond.
O Man, till those fields, do not rest.

The world will be dark and you shall shed light on it,
And you shall dispel all the darkness around.
O Man, though life deserts you, do not rest.

O Man, take no rest for thyself,
O Man, give rest unto others.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ao longo de sua vida defensor, Gandhi foi voraz da paz através dos princípios da não-violência e não cooperação. Foi com eles que Gandhi lutou por todos os povos da Índia vivem em harmonia, cooperando uns com os outros para uma Índia forte e unida. O legado de Gandhi é uma referência à data em todo o mundo. Capa de muitas revistas, objeto de estudos, livros e filmes, alguns de referência em muitos discursos políticos, nome de rua em diversas cidades do tributo estátuas, indianos nas cédulas, e em museus e memoriais, e notável ausência dentre os vencedores do Nobel Peace Prize Gandhi merece ser comemorado e lembrado! Não é coincidência, portanto, que apenas um dos três feriados nacionais na Índia é nomeado após ele. O autor é Venibhai Purohit (1918-1981), poeta de Gujarat, oeste do estado indiano onde Gandhi nasceu. Este poema aparece em seu memorial em Delhi e é citado como um de seus favoritos: Foi recitado para ele todas as manhãs, antes de iniciar suas atividades quase como um mantra.

Si cansado o unweary, oh hombre, no descansan No dejes tu lucha en solitario. Vamos, y no de descanso, Usted seguirá confuso y enredado vías, Y se ahorrará unos pocos, la vida triste. Oh hombre, no pierdan la fe, no de descanso. Su propia vida será agotador y paralizante,
Y habrá cada vez más los peligros en el viaje.
Oh hombre, tienen todas estas cargas, no descansan.

Saltar por encima de sus problemas a pesar de que son altos como montañas,
Y los campos, aunque hay sólo Harren seco y más allá.
Oh hombre, hasta los campos, no descansan.

El mundo se oscurecerá y tú arrojar luz sobre ella,
Y usted se disipar todas las tinieblas alrededor.
Oh hombre, a pesar de los desiertos de vida que, no descansan.

Oh hombre, no descansar para ti,
Oh hombre, dar descanso a los demás.

He brought love where hatred and cunning had ruled. His plan of rehabilitation was based on an unshakable faith in the fundamental goodness of humanity He was sure that if the poison could be effectively neutralised India might yet be saved from the desperate course of self-amputation Men like Gandhi are CENTELLAS the light in the darkness Congratulations great soul! Mahatma Gandhi Namaste
Clicia Pavan

Él trajo el amor donde el odio y la astucia había gobernado. Su plan de rehabilitación se basa en un inquebrantable la fe en la bondad fundamental de la humanidad Estaba seguro de que si el veneno podría ser efectivamente neutralizadas India que aún podría ser salvada de la actuación desesperada de la auto-amputación Los hombres como Gandhi son CENTELLAS la luz en la oscuridad Felicitaciones gran alma! Mahatma Gandhi Namaste Clicia Pavan

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:) An incredibly compassionate, righteous, pious soul - the second coming of Jesus of Nazareth !!
Gandhi deserves our tribute and love
He was a gentle soul, humble, more determined, his legacy to the world was his life and his works, he was not a saint, but a great human being illuminated by God
Thank you for your tribute to him
Wishing my greatest source of inspiration, a very "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" ........... On his 140th birthday I bow before him in extreme admiration and respect ...........
Namast~e Pictures, Images and Photos

Thank you for your tribute to Gandhi ... May the light that shone in the life of Gandhi enlighten your life
Rama, rama, God, God

The lotus symbolizes Rama
Happy Birthday Mahatma Gandhi

Creo en mí mismo; creo en los que trabajan conmigo; creo en mis amigos; creo en mi familia.

Creo que Dios me prestará todo lo que necesito para triunfar, mientras que yo me esfuerce para alcanzarlo con medios lícitos y honestos.

Creo en las oraciones y nunca cerraré mis ojos para dormir, sin pedir antes la debida orientación a fin de ser paciente con los otros y tolerante con los que no creen como yo creo.
Creo que el triunfo es el resultado del esfuerzo inteligente, que no depende de suerte, de magia, de amigos, compañeros dudosos o de jefes.

Creo que sacaré de la vida exactamente lo que coloqué en ella. y siendo así , seré cauteloso cuando trate a los otros, como quiero que ellos sean conmigo...
No calumniaré a aquellos que no me gustan; no disminuiré mi trabajo por ver que los otros lo hacen; prestaré el mejor servicio de que soy capaz, porque me juré a mí mismo triunfar en la vida, y sé que el triunfo es siempre resultado del esfuerzo consciente y eficaz.
Finalmente, perdonaré a los que me ofenden, porque comprendo que algunas veces yo también ofendo a los otros y necesito perdón. “CUANDO UN ÚNICO HOMBRE ALCANZA LA PLENITUD DEL AMOR, NEUTRALIZA EL ODIO DE VARIOS...”
Dear Clicia, I don't want and wait you asking me to put my reply to your comment on the most famous pacifist "Mahatma Gandhi " precisely in this group, because the celebration of the birthday of our beloved Gandhi is not devoted to any special group or a determined people or to a specific location.
It's better to choose the most suitable word and way to celebrate the birthday of our famous Gandhi . I believe that every benefactor in the whole world, pacifist or other, will not be owned by any one or any country, but we all have the right to celebrate them
many blessings to you

Thank you, you're right, each one pays tribute to and can not believe ... But we will not pass as a simple fact of history, the world must believe that something good will happen --- What great souls were not forgotten in the history books, as Gandhi said - "You must be the change you want for the world" Namaste
i was not aware i was a member of ipeace, i have had surgery and a long recuperation so have not been in touch. i do remember clicia as a friend, thank you, beautiful soul, for bringing this to my attention Barb

I hope you've healed, the light and goodness of Gandhi enlighten your life
Thank you for coming to pay tribute to Gandhi
Love, love, love

OCTOBER 2-2009 -- HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY Mahatma Gandhi Yogini Gandhi was grace personfied" - Pune Times, India
"Connoisseurs of pure dance were enthralled" - Times of India
Nritya Rang by Yogini Gandhi
Friday 2 October 2009 at 8:00 PM

"Love and truth are united among themselves and the sides of a coin. It is impossible to separate them. Forces are more abstract and more powerful of this world
Mahatma Gandhi


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