One thing I like to discuss among people whose interests follow that of our own, is experiences that people have had of either:
1) a time when they have been really happy, or
2) where their actions have helped someone else to realise their own happiness.

I find this to be a great guide in how to shape your own life in an increasingly positive direction, as well a good source of happiness when you find yours to be, for whatever reason, somewhat lacking at the time...
Remember: a positive attitude on life can solve pretty much any problem, so don't worry; be happy and feel free to share your experiences with the community...

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It's a nice discussion here, though i don't see much participations.
I strongly believe in the idea of contributing to others' happiness in community. As a teacher, i daily face situations related to teenagering problems, and i can't say how much happy i am to throw light, knowledge, words of advice and love into thier lives. I go home and sleep with a smile on my face, forgetting all the trouble i had during the daytime.

I believe that i make a difference in this troubled world, though not easily done.

i m happy to hear you say that noor... i find this group so interesting..... i wish it will be more enriched by other light spirit... i agree with you that when you make other happy ,you find your own wise happiness..
i m a teacher too.. in spite of troubles of every day.. i m happy to feel that i contribute in that world to guide some lifes.. to lead some hidden smiles to the light..
""exert effort,you shall be rewarded"
God bless you and bright your way to the wisdom
For me:
Joy is like the light, that people nead to shine. If you shine, you can bring light everywhere it is needed.
Like candles need a fire to light. And when they have it, they can light others.

But wherever we went there is a possibility of feeling happiness. There is a possibility to light your lamp. I reamamber this situation:
I was walking alongon a fair haveing a headache, no money left and totaly no fun on the situation, because I knewed, that at home there are waiting thousends of problems for me. And jet, SOMEHOW I just watched at the sky and saw the clouds walking by. This moment hit me so strong, that I could hardly keep myself not crying. I somehow realised: I am alive! And what a pleasure it is to be here. It was a gratitude -undifinable. There was no reason why, but it klicked. And I enjoyed the rest of the day to the fullest. - Not only me, but it wasn't a problem anymore to help my father. My fun has put all this trubble in relation to reality. Hey - Fun makes this live to the life it should be.

Maybe that sounds stupid or whatever people might think about that. But happiness is not about logic! It is a feeling that has always been within us. And what ever the indicator may be: IT DOESN'T MATTER! As we were a child we want it, and when we are old we want it, too.

Whatever reasons there might be in this world for not having peace or happiness. There is a greater one inside of me for having it.

All these things, which make us happy: They make our lifes full! Full of joy! We will remember them for the rest of the life. Maybe not in thinking, but in our heart-attitude.

This is what we need!!.
And the ironie of it is: Having happiness is incredibly easy. Remove all your doubts, anger and fear and you will stay with a simple heart of gratitude. I know that sometimes it looks like an impossible mission to find some kind of a peace. But n my experience, that is just because we get cought in the complicated thinking the world had tought us.
The cry of our heart stays simple: Be happy!

So: Whatever you enjoy: It is worth to be enoyed!! Because you are alive and you have the capacity to do so!

All the bliss!
we all have choices we can choose to be happy or choose to not be happy,i choose to be happy it seems insane not too

Thank you, Frank! I like what you wrote about "A moment of happiness..."


Sincerely and with best wishes for you,



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