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On this Human Rights Day, it is my hope that we will all act on our collective responsibility to uphold the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration. We can only honour the towering vision of that inspiring document when its principles are fully applied everywhere, for everyone."
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

We must work for the full implementation of human rights on the ground in a way that affects and improves the lives of the men, women and children who are all entitled, regardless of their race, sex, religion, nationality, property or birth, to realization of each and every right set forth in the Universal Declaratio.
High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navanethem Pillay

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Compassion for the Taliban's Child Soldiers

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Please help us in attaining the peace

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If we really want to see true changes in the world

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Comment by Fayssal Chafaki on February 9, 2012 at 6:06am
Comment by ABED MALHAS on May 21, 2011 at 1:07pm


dear friend my lady   I am honored 2 ,TK U 4 UR positive energy ,support , LOVE 2 ART , children ,humanity & CREATION ,


let US Enhance, Tolerance, Cooperation, Understanding, Acceptance, World Peace ,Confidence ,,Recognition ,Human Rights ,Cultural Enrichment ,Positive Globalization - Love & Help the less fortunate - Love & Protect the Environment;

METHOD CASA is initiating six GLOBAL NEW concepts;

- ART OLYMPIC ( equivalent 2 Sport Olympic )



- CASA ( care and share art ) GLOBAL TOURING EXH.



please inform the leaders of  UR country  , children; students; schools; academics; artists; museum; gallery; art outlets; sponsors; decision maker; celebrity; media; industry; etc.

it will benefit U , them , UR  country & the World
Comment by ABED MALHAS on May 21, 2011 at 1:07pm

Nobel Prize 4 Children;

The addition of children to Nobel; It will take a moment of your time but will impact for a lifetime; please send Emails to;; to include NOBEL PRIZE 4 CHILDREN; Imagine the great positive effect- to all World children-student-university-education- culture-innovation-education outlet-industry-media-etc.  & all humanity; let us all join to bring this beautiful concept to reality;  CASA ( 9680  Member / 155 Country & growing ); Imagine a million child  from UR country or globally; 2 send  emails in one day ( they will be at Guinness World records; Please in any event U do try 2 have an internet corner 4 people 2 debate & send   emails 2 Nobel committee supporting the idea of - NOBEL PRIZE 4 CHILDREN;

Comment by Kalsi : We are all one . on February 28, 2010 at 6:53pm
Reallly , it's human rights...
Comment by Joseph Wronka on February 15, 2010 at 1:25am
Hello Everyone,

It is a pleasure to have just found out about the Human Rights Group. I have always felt that the bedrock of social justice was human rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the many beautiful conventions that followed it whose aims are, among others, to eradicate extreme poverty, discrimination against women, children, the disabled, and the aged. If you are an instructor, you can get a free copy of my book, Human Rights and Social Justice: Social Action and Service for the Helping and Health Professions (Sage, 2008). It has major conventions summarized and also an Instructor's Manual with PowerPoints, Slides, Social Action activities, questions for discussion. (Sorry for the advertisement, but I do think you might enjoy it) Here is the link:;

If you are not an instructor and do not have any money to purchase it, then send me an email and I will see what I can do.

Peace, humility, and everlasting love,

Comment by Muhammad Khurshid on December 16, 2009 at 4:29pm
Hello my dear friends, today I want to share a good news with all of you. I am standing in the election of Peshawar Press Club, which is going to be held on Decemeber 30. I shall be candidate for the post of president of Peshawar. I am sure that I will win the election and then will be able to play more effective role in bringing peace to my region and whole world. Please pray for the success of peace. But at the moment I am feeling backpain. Please add your voice in my prayer for peace.
Love and blessing
Comment by David Sparenberg on August 25, 2009 at 5:54pm

There is no time
For intellectual speculation;
There is no time for argument.
Does it have to be spelled out;
Does it even
Need to be spoken?
We both know what this is about.
The old ways—
Barriers of normalcy
The calculations
The social boxes
Political baggage.
This is now!
The age of thresholds
Not of locks.
Do not continue
Contriving complications
Feigning deafness
As an exit.
The problem is here
Before our faces
Looking at us
In our ears.
As simple as this:
We are strangers
On a dying planet
In endless war
Or friends.
What do you say?
What is it going to be?
Do we have the courage
Humbly to become
The change we long for?
Or tell me this
—even if your heart is broken—
Is there a new horizon?
Is there another way?

David Sparenberg
22 August 2009
Comment by sasko on August 8, 2009 at 12:53am
Nobel Laureates in Dialogue:Connecting for Peace
August 5, 2009
They are renowned for their commitment to peace in the face of hate and violence. They are Nobel Peace Prize Laureates , recipients of what some deem to be the world’s highest honour.
The Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Mairead Maguire, Betty Williams, Rigoberta Menchú Tum and Jody Williams will engage in dialogue on Sunday, September 27 at the Chan Centre beginning at 1 p.m. Mary Robinson, past president of Ireland, will moderate the discussion.

These champions of peace have survived great personal tragedy, dedicating their lives towards nonviolent approaches to conflict resolution. Each of their stories is an inspiration and testimony, and together they represent hope for positive change and a true chance for all of humanity.
Mairead Maguire
Maguire, cofounder of the Northern Ireland based Peace People, along with Betty Williams and and Ciaran McKeown, found it impossible to remain passive in the face of brutal unrest after the death of her sister’s three children. They were run down and killed by an I.R.A. (Irish Republican Army) get-away car after a British soldier shot its driver.
Maguire is an active pacifist passionately committed to nonviolent social and political change. She believes “When we reject weapons and war, when we uphold human rights and international law, when we build non-killing, nonviolent societies and world, refusing to kill each other but seeking nonviolent solutions to our problems, then we will have come of age as the human family.”
Betty Williams
Over the 30 years since Williams was named a Laureate, she has devoted her life to promoting a new way of thinking on how we deal with the injustices, cruelty and horror perpetrated on the world’s children.“ I had no concept of the depth of the children’s suffering until witnessing their pain. Yet in a world that we know can feed itself, upwards of 40,000 children daily die from conditions of malnutrition. Surely we must question why we are allowing this carnage to continue,” Mrs. Williams says.
Today, Williams is helping to build the City of Peace for Children in Basilicata, Italy. In doing so she is fulfilling a dream to help refugee children seeking shelter in safe-zone countries to be housed, nurtured and educated. The goal is to build a city and give children the hope to believe that there is a possibility to live a life and feel accepted by humanity.
Rigoberta Menchú Tum
“We have learned that change cannot come through war. War is not a feasible tool to use in fighting against the oppression we face. War has caused more problems. We cannot embrace that path.”
So wrote Menchú, the Guatemalan native of Mayan descent, who grew up poor, and who, early in her youth embraced a life committed to social reform. Many members of her family were tortured and killed by the oppressive military dictatorship controlling her homeland. Despite threats to her own life, Menchú became a leading advocate of indigenous rights and ethno-cultural reconciliation. Today she continues her work, recognizing the Nobel Peace Prize as “…an instrument with which to fight for peace, for justice, for the rights of those who suffer the abysmal economic, social, cultural and political inequalities, typical of the order of the world in which we live…”
Jody Williams
American-born aid worker, Williams played a key role in the establishment of an international treaty banning antipersonnel landmines. Writing about the achievement of the signing of the Mine Ban Treaty in 1997, Williams said: “It has shown that in a partnership of civil society and governments, each brings particular assets to the process, which is made stronger by the participation of both. It demonstrates that small and middle powers can work together with civil society and address humanitarian concerns with breathtaking speed. It shows that such a partnership can be a new kind of "superpower" in the post-Cold War world.”
Along with Laureate Dr. Shirin Ebadi of Iran, in 2006 Williams took the lead in establishing the “Nobel Women’s Initiative,” together with sister Laureates Wangari Maathai, Rigoberta Menchu Tum, Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan Maguire. Its mission is to use the prestige and access afforded by the Nobel Prize to spotlight and promote efforts of women’s rights activists, researchers and organizations working to advance peace, justice and equality for women.
"We believe that peace is much more than the absence of armed conflict. Peace is the commitment to equality and justice; a democratic world free of physical, economic, cultural, political, religious, sexual and environmental violence and the constant threat of these forms of violence against women – indeed against all of humanity. We also believe that violence is a choice and the creation of a just and peaceful world must start with people.”

Comment by St.Thomas SpreadingEagle on July 28, 2009 at 9:40pm
As a Native Indigenous Indian in America.a nd a Ghost Dancer.I am all for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.I greatly wish the US Government would Have Integrity and Respect to Up Hold its Side of an Agreement for Human Rights.It Preaches Human Rights.My Experience of The United States is itself does not Practice it.It infact Violates Human Rights.AS a Indigenous Native American Indian.I have Wittness this,The Day will come and I will Testify against The US Goverment for Crimes Against Humanity at the Hague.St.Thomas SpreadingEagle,Shaman/Minister.
Comment by David Sparenberg on July 28, 2009 at 7:42pm

This is an exorcism.
And it is said
for the angry and anguished dead
who are not departed.

This is an exorcism.
And it is said
over the barracks and ashen plots
of Auschwitz.

This is an exorcism.
And it is said
over the powdered bones
and the melted organs
of Hiroshima.

This is an exorcism.
And it is said
behind the choking voice
of common dignity
and before
the smoking battlefronts
of the inhuman heart.

These are words to release
ghettos of ghosts
from the silence
of endless torments. From
life’s madness.

These are words
to release
and to protect us
from the silence
of crimes committed
in the names of our sons
and our fathers.

This is an exorcism.
It must be said
every place
a hand has clutched
and every place
a tooth has bitten.

To be repeated, year after year,
the holy graveyards of heaven
and the killing fields on earth.

This is an exorcism.
And it is said for them
and for us.
For those who have fallen
under the heavy scythe of war.
And for those who await
the season of slaughter

from HEALING, A Book of Poetry by David Sparenberg

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