Great idea for a group. The only way peace can ever be in the distance is if international and human rights laws are followed. Our detatchment from our governments are getting to the stage where they are like celebrities who wouldn't be expected to understand all these laws. When they should, and follow them. I found this video only two weeks ago. I had no idea what to say when i first saw it. But it is clearly human rights abuses. We can't let this type of thing happen any longer. Let me know what you think.

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In my book this is slavery plain and simple! It is discusting how some people can treat a fellow humanbeing. We all have equal value. As least that is what I think.

Well you are right. Nobody should be treated with less respect. This company K.B.R are one of the biggest private companies operating in iraq. Their base there is 10 miles wide. So who knows what they are doing in that place. And these poor guys living beside the Baghdad airport road. I don't know if anyone knows this but ity's one of the most dangerous roads in the area. So many things wrong with what is happening there.
Greetings . Once again , my senses are appalled with how humanity treats humanity . Appalled with how the
wealthy treat the poverty stricken . Appalled with our societies , who are so overloaded with injustices , that
an item like this , are everyday events . Appalled with myself , at fifty one years of age , that I did not become involved much earlier . Appalled at trusting others , who seemed committed , to building a just world
for all .

It grows harder to remain faithful , to a path that was ingrained into me during my upbringing . To do today ,
what my parents and grandparents , would expect me to do in this situation . How should some farm kid
react , in the face of Global Injustice ? What can I do , to show my ancestors proud , of their investment in
me .

As an everyday workin sota fella , a simple tradesman , the only realistic option that I can find , is to join the
voices who are speaking out , against injustice . To use a pen , against a sword . But it is not a sword that
needs addressed . It is the World Leaders , who give the orders , to the people who hold the swords . The
Leaders that we elect , and pay wages to , and fly to world conferences , to represent their citizens opinions .

. . . . Why does this seem like it should not be difficult ?

As a Canadian-Australian , most all of my countrymen ( and the ladies too ) would be equally appalled by that
video . A person would have to search either country to find anyone who would not be genuinely disgusted
that a supplier to the US military , would be paid monies , while treating their employes in such a way .
The problem would be , that just about no-one would be surprised by this .

Our societies have slowly disintegrated in moral value , that we allow our Leaders , to not speak out , against
our supposed allies .

If a person were to try and approach , a local government representative , and request action on this matter ,
they would not listen , unless a viable alternative was supplied . So the challenge may be , to find a viable
alternative . Could that alternative not simply be :

Stop killing people , and fix our environment .

Consume way less , and be more thankful for what we have .

Learn to hear " This is not available " or " This will cost our grandchildren to much " .

Stop having babies , and work to feed , the ones already here .

Would these not be steps towards a much more peaceful and prosperous world ?

Peace can only exist , when everyone is well fed !
Well you see, where I agree that hidden powers get used so much in war. I think that sometimes we loose reality of what is happening in front of us and not behind the scenes. You say the N.W.O, another person might say the project for the new American century, others might say The Bilderbergers do it. They very well might be. But we can't point fingers at people we can't see. But to report the obvious blatant problems would probably be our first priority.
Off the grid reporting indeed from CNN for once, but what station doesn't want a huge scoop like that ? They all wear their humanitarian badge to a degree. You notice hey try and make sure there is no mention of the US having anything to do with K.B.R ? It's so sad to see human folly like this.


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