Today my heart is weeping after hearing the news that an davasted earthquake has jolted Italy, the country of my dearest friend luisella valeri. I want to condole with the families who have suffered losses in the earthquake. I am praying that God the Great may give courage to the bereaved families to bear this loss with patience.
I am living in an area which has been davasted by the war and know the pain of the people, who lost their homes in the clamity. It is very hard as I know. I have also lost my home in the war.
Dear luisella valeri, people in tribal areas are praying for your well-being. I hope you will be okay. May God the Great save you from destruction.
Those people who are caring for others are certainly being cared by God the Great. May God the Great save you from destruction. I want to share my condolence with all the people Italy. May God the Great save this country from further destruction.

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Thanks my dear friend, from all Italian people! Thanks from my heart!


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