I took up to much room in the main room and felt uncomfortable because no one else was posting anymore.
That was not my desire so out of respect for others and my inability to keep my comments shorter I have moved them out of the way of others.
ALL are free to comment, but my/our topic is less about individual items and more about the situation as a whole. and what the native peoples of my land said at the Human Rights convention, "What good is Human Rights if there is no life left on earth?"
This, is to address both, with what we as individuals can DO to have an impact on this whole interrelated situation.

Tommy (tree on break from client work)
I think it was the Europeans who came here to escape tyranny and found civilized man?
The 5%, use words like "civilized" to con vince others to do their will I think.
Like religions that "sell" humans that we are not animals but above them (Gods? I mean if not animals then what are they trying to tell us???)
I do not wish to turn my back on religion because of those who seek to abuse those seeking the truth.
I do not wish to not be civilized due to those who in its name conquer the wealth of those who were responsible with it.
If that way, was a good way, then why did the civilized peoples of America who lived with the earth and taught things like "we the people" and "freedom" and "independence" forced to adapt?
If a good way, then why would one require force?
I am in favor of civilization, progress, religion, technology, not the abuse of those and everything and everyone in its name.
And if casinos? Fine! Let them put them up and take the $ and buy back the USA!? :)

Human rights....
According to my creator, I have the right to do whatever the F*** I want to do with MY life,
so long as my doing so dose not keep YOU from being able to do what ever the F*** you want to do with YOUR life.
Basic human right....

But you want TRUTH?
Humans (as are all other animals different) are different in our way. Though we cannot fly without airplanes very well, nor out-swim a porpoise very well, nor in hand to hand combat do very well against a grizzly bear....
But wolf taught me this.
He hunts and knows what the embryo of animals looks like, ALL animals embryo, resembles ONE type of animal now on this earth.
We are natures INTENDED, even if religions and governments and people seeking power wish to corrupt that fact for personal gain.
What it MEANS, in TRUTH, is not that we are ABOVE all nature,
we ARE nature!
We, are the planets CARETAKERS.
No less than a MAN is supposed to PROTECT a woman rather than RAPE her and FORCE her,
We are supposed to PROTECT her, and use wisely what she FREELY gives us to HELP HER.

It is the 5% who would use, the truth, to MIS-lead, to serve THEIR purposes (mining the earth, cutting down forests, burn the coal and oil etc, for THEIR PROFIT)
I do not serve the deception, I seek to serve the TRUTH.
Sure I CAN according to mans laws drive my petroleum powered car.
That to me is like claiming rape is legal just because I'm a MAN and POWERFUL enough to get away with it in my own eyes.
No thank you, I govern MYSELF, and seek to live with HONOR.
My horse I do not force him to let me ride him, he INVITES me to do so!
GIVES more than I could EVER force.
If WE the people govern ourselves, how big would government need to be?
If we learn (duh we are not intellegent enough?) to take care individually for our own human needs, then, what control do these power companies hold over us?
Stop buying their power. Stop making ourselves DEPENDENT on stores for our food, the SYSTEM that we spend most of our lives enslaved to or we go hungry, homeless or without warmth and lights?
The MONEY I do NOT give to the FEW, such as paying for coal fired electricity?
I can now put back into my community by buying things my NEIGHBORS make!
My COMMUNITY then grows STRONGER, not the 5% who already have 65% of the total human wealth.
WE THE PEOPLE, POWER TO THE PEOPLE, the minority already have enough, so lets just change how we live and stop GIVING it to them?
Humans cant grow bigger horns to evolve.
Our specialty is our BRAINS, so let us USE them, and EVOLVE, by CHANGING our minds,
about who it is we keep giving our power to?

Human rights?
Why dont we try living right as humans?
No need to FORCE anyone, if you have a better way.

Free power for life and all that money NOT spent on coal fired power owned by the FEW, is spent in my COMMUNITY.
And if I run out of money? I still have power.
I am not a slave, I made my choice, and made myself learn how to live like a FREE MAN.
Something they dont want to be EASY. (like believing I'm not an animal but a God)
the Air403? The one on the left?

I put a tail on it after I changed the inside and put on bigger blades, because it made NOISE.
Looks SWEET, and advanced... but it put out 1/4th the power of the one on the right, and if you live in a town and put one of those up? In short order there would be a town ordinance BANNING them from the town because of the NOISE.
They don't want to make what we are doing EASY, but since when is fighting to REGAIN your freedom meant to be EASY?
Not saying it is, but I am saying, its WORTH IT!

"how do we take it back?"

We take back the power over our own lives for starters.
And live responsibly and with RESPECT for this earth and each other.
And have MORE than if we use force and rape.

+=====================my next post I made==================+

I did not mean to take up so much room, nor dominate this group, and I apologize for my long comments. Gaza is important, China, Burma, Tibet, all are important!
But much of this is the same thing.
I want to buy from Tommy even if greater cost, than from a forced labor camp in China.
I want to let those of Gaza, Israel, China, the Junta, know I want to know who their God is, that promotes death and war and child and forced labor. So I may know who to stay away from and who NOT to buy my goods from!
I am this world. I change it by changing myself.
I will not support such a God, I will not support forced labor, I will not make the rich richer.
I seek to buy what I need from those who are independent and feeding families.
World financial crises going on, and were are those who said they had the way, the grand design, sitting on piles of money while the world faces joblessness?
Where are they NOW?
ME? I'm here, and doing what I can to SUPPORT the people of peace, the God of TRUTH.
Wanting us to work TOGETHER to rebuild this world.
Those of power? Where are they now? THEY will rescue us?
Then why havent they? Is that what so many are waiting for? You may have a long wait....
I'm not waiting, no more than I waited for this world to change, I AM this world, and I changed and KEEP changing. Let US stand up for each other in the absence of those we served for generations taking our wealth. Let US rebuild this world and economy.
Buy from those who have little but came by it HONESTLY without rape of earth or each other and STOP buying from those of forced labor, and STOP giving all our attention to those of war and preach death and destruction in the name of their God of death.
WE THE PEOPLE, let us untie and HELP EACH OTHER.
That is all my posts, are with that intent, but do not stop from other topics about Human Rights, I'm just trying with everything I have to offer solutions at the basic cause for the problems.
US. And how we can change to change this.
I've been doing this (living self reliant every way I can find) for 35 years. It is not idealism, its time tested and WORKS.
Not just to my benefit but my community.
Buy from your neighbors! Not multimillionaires with 'the grand design'
Where are they NOW?
A sparrow can feed itself, how many humans can remember how to do this?
How FREE is that? How WISE is that?
How did raping this earth and giving our individual wealth to the wealthy,
help us now? Mass unemployment and global economic collapse, resources of this world stripped bare, and who is it that wants to claim we should STILL keep going this same way?

What I am saying is DIFFERENT yes.
But... it works. And not at another expense nor the expense of this earth and is sustainable.
Prosperity, from watching out for this planet and each other.
I do not want to dominate here, only to help.
I ask NOTHING, not attention, not money not to 'buy my book' or what I do for a living.
ONLY as ONE OF US, to HELP, because I was asked to.
If the 95% work together as individuals, we are powerful enough to change our own world.
Not by following any leader including me, but by becoming stronger individuals, and being careful with the power we hold to change our world. Not give our power away to leaders who lead us to war, not paying oil companies every time we fill our tanks, to strip this would of what little resources are left for the next generations.
We can and do change this world, let us do so with intention, and integrity and with honor and watch out for our neighbors, this earth and each other.
When the whites came to this country, it was TEAMING with life and forests and fresh air and clean waters. And look at it now.....
We the people.
I like those words, and seek to help WE the people grow stronger, wiser.
And what do I ask for in return? Nothing, other than have hope we can succeed.
Together, not at expense of each other. Hire the guy on the streets, not the multimillionaires.
Use what this earth freely gives us with care and wisdom.
As responsible adults caring for this world not above it meaning we can destroy it and each other. Just because we have not done this before, does not mean we cant.


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