The Living Goddess Tradition has been around from prehistoric Indian times to the modern age. The Goddess Tradition has evolved through the centuries, which has given birth too many sons and daughters of the Goddess.

All of them spread peace, non-violence, and love to the world? To bring back peace the world, we first have to discover our spirit, in doing so, we can then help to change the environmental mental pollution of our society.

“Only Spirit can know Spirit” Once we know our Spirit, the we can bring peace to our world!

Environmental mental pollution is many times more deadly the toxic pollution!

To save Mother Earth, women who are Mother of our race, must again become Her guardian. Men only carry the cross, but women have and added strength, for she also carries the Holy Grail.

Do you see Tantra and the Living Goddess Tradition as your life path?

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Yes, positively we must see women as Mother of our race
I still have much to learn before I can answer the question.
It is not about learning, just feeling. Where you cam from and where would like to go, and how to get there. You know it all, just spend soem quite time, and you soul will give you the answer
what spirit u r talking
why people are searching those things which are natural lets free yourself form all these things water make his direction himself what we are searching the om bhav or niranker swaroop or the lord which is available everywhere then what type of path u r talking please give reply
No body is searching, just that many want to discover. Spirt is oneself. I agree water flows on it own, yet it need the slope. You may have attain spiritual hights, but there are many who are still seeking. This is for them. Keep reading and you may find the answer.

why u r claming that i have attain spritual heights I am in the same boat sailing freely by my LORD hand
Sakutations my divine Nicole

I agree with you that love cannot be found, it can only be felt when one is connect to call of the Soul. Yes, the minute that we are born we forget why we came here, and the we forget how to love because of the environmental mental pollution of our society strongly influence us, thus not allowing we to find that special space, a space where love can be felt.

From the 60s we in the west have tried very hard, bet still live a life, whereby the feeling of love is not consistent. Is not that we have forgotten, just that we are too busy to be vigilant to stay in touch with the feeling of love.

Divorce is very high in the west, because we do not have a strong commitment to life and the feeling of love. In the west love come like a thunder storm and dies of like a drizzle

Year 2012 we hope to enter a new time which could either helps all of us remember, or it create problems for all of us who cannot consistently come from the space of love.

Now living in India, seeing and feeling the love around me, make me realize what I missed for year when living in Holland.

Dear All,


I would like to respond to the thoughts expressed here, not as a reply but rather as thinking aloud." I still have much to learn before I can answer the question." This reply indicates looking forward to simple, direct and clear sources on the topics on Indian Tantrism.

Tantra text books mention that there are different types of people based on their behaviour. The impulsive(animal like/Pashu), the deliberate(rational, discriminative, morally upright/Veera) and the spontaneous(non-hurting,always good,spiritually elevating and hence,divine/Divya) these are the broad categories. These texts also mention that the touchstone of one's progress is four fold: 1) the scripture 2) reasoning 3) experience 4) living example/the role model.

It takes living in close contact, not merely online and virtual, with like minded aspirants to know directly and experience intimately what is communicated in the text books of Tantra. Being a person who has been on this path for more than 40 years what I observe is that lack of clarity in communication and lack of meeting the requirements of the particular individual addressed, generalizing concepts, preconceived notions and many other obstacles impede spiritual comprehension of the truths stated in the scriptures.

Just as we do not take things for granted when we go to a doctor nor do we enter into the doctor's shoe it is required to identify the the factors which determine our need, attitude and approach to a traditional discipline like Tantra.

Hasten slowly. I would like to request the participants of discussion here to take time to look at all the blog-posts on associated topics at : and

"Tantra is the Sanskrit Science of expansion and protection of consciousness."


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