Fallen but not forgotten

The Living Goddess has fallen from her sacredness, but not forgotten. To reclaim her sacredness she has to first cleanse her Yoni and Navel on a cellular level, thus freeing herself of centuries of suppression.

In the Western world, evil was chosen over good when Man first suppressed Woman, when He decided to add to the Bible about the first Sin and claimed that it is because of Woman's sin that they have to bare pain and childbirth. If this statement is right then Man’s God is wrong, or Man manipulated the teachings to give power over women. In India the Living Goddess Tradition consider women to be the Light of the Home and Society, for it is she who molds the future of our Nations.

This suppressive behavior has been there even before the writing of the Bible.. Out of Men's fear and jealousy of women power, 5000s years ago they removed the teaching of Yoni Tantra. Until today, only a small collection of the works is available

"Yoni puja is worship par excellence and by omitting it every other puja is rendered useless. For this present Yuga the part of the Sakthi's body worshiped is the Yoni. Thus, Devi is worshiped only with regards to her Yoni."

With the Living Goddess Tradition, Yoni Healing or womb healing, ritual of purification is practiced before Yoni worship is preformed, where by the vulva is divided into ten parts, each of which is dedicated to a particular aspect of the Great Mother of Creation. Through Her Bija sound, you will enjoy a renewed fresh and divine connection with your Yoni.

The Dasa Mahavidya, these are listed in the third patala of Yoni Tantra as Kali, Tara, Sodasi, Chinnamastaka, Bhagalamukhi, Matangi, Bhuvaneshvari Mahalakshmi and associated with the different parts of the yoni. This list of the Mahavidyas differs from that in Todala Tantra (Sothis Weirdglow 1984).
When one worships the Yoni, "One becomes Kalika’s son and renowned. Devi is at the base of the yoni and Naganandini is in the yoni. Kali and Tara are in the yoni cakra and Chinnamastaka in the hair. Bagalamukhi and Matangi are on the rim of the yoni. Mahalakshmi, Shodashi and Bhuvaneshvari are within the yoni. By worshipping the yoni one certainly worships Sakthi."

The Mahavidya, mantra and preparation of the mantra do not bestow siddhi without worship of the yoni. One should bow thrice before the yoni with a flower, Mahesvari, else the puja of a man is useless even in 1000 lifetimes. Guru is clearly Siva and his partner is the true form of the goddess

To meet the Father of Para-Tan Sound healing please visit http://para-tan-sound-healing.ning.com We have posted 2 mantras and bija mantra, sound tracks that can be used effectively to clear long held emotional and physical blocks. Now only with this sound help to emotional blocks, it will help to bring Harmony back to your life.

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The Best method of healing you have go Silence and feel that I am soul.
every one is talking about soul ,u claim, u ever fill it if yes then give me the method i will do it
silence is good for those people who have no knowledge change all these things think of future and live in present
Yes, silence is the only way to get in touch with the soul. It is simple, just listen to your breath each day for thirty min, and you will eventually hear your soul speak to you.



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