Please tell us what you plan to do on Peace Day.

I'd like to have dinner party at my house for 24 young people (around 18 years old). 12 Palestinians and 12 Israelis.
No agenda, just mingle, have a good time and get to know each other better.

I will finance all costs. I need help in getting permits for the Palestinians to make the short trip. I am working on it, but if you can help, let me know.

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I will be attending Interfaith Day of Peace services
I'll invite some friends for dinner. After dinner we'll burn some candels and incence and meditate together.
David, thank you for beautiful invitation. My husband and I have to do a very strange, un peaceful thing: we are attending his cousin's 70th birthday party (A VERY important family event) but it is to be held on . . . the Battleship New Jersey !!! :( I don't know what to do, except to buy some Peace buttons, (perhaps the old style, from the '60's, that will catch everyone's attention, and some Freedom for Tibet buttons, and wear them!

I cannot bear to "boycott" the birthday celebration, because we love this cousin very, very much. We will have to carry our Peace in our hearts . . .
For sure I will be with my family and with you and all the people in my hearth.
Dear David,
What a beautiful idea. I'm sure you are going to get the permits for the Palestinians for that important purpose ( or, am I just a naive dreamer???)
I shall invite a few friends, and we'll burnt some candles on the beach.
Great idea !

I will personally start breathing, meditating, walking in nature with as many friends as possible... and I will be one with all of you.
I belong to you.
Jai Guru Dev
My reply to WORDWARRIORabc: Great idea! My great Uncle Art taught origami... starting with the peace crane... to classes of young students for many years, so I am particularly partial to the idea. Getting kids involved with this will really help! I will get some started in Yucca Valley, CA USA.

Another idea, and easier for some to fold (I forget what they are called), are those square-shaped finger-puppet messages that the words appear as you open them. If anyone knows what I'm referring to and/or knows where printed instructions for folding can be found, please post! Simple messages can be added such as: WORLD PEACE NOW!
A follow-up to my reply to WORDWARRIORabc: I found the name of the paper-folding kid's play thingy that I mentioned earlier. It's called a folded paper fortune teller (it dates back to Japan in the 1600's) I also found a diagram of how to fold it, but, due to the pre-printed words on it, it needs to be redone (or find a better one).
Back to the original topic... what to do to celebrate PEACE DAY. My minister normally conducts a drum circle for both the solstices and equinoxes and as we are all into supporting world peace, I imagine I will be drumming and praying and meditating on world peace... unless something totally spectacular comes to mind (I will also create a flyer to encourage my church friends to join iPeace)!
Lapland Peace Committee organises an event under the theme the human cost of uranium and DU-weapons. We are concerned of the effects of the uranium mining.
In the province of Lapland there are promising sites for uranium - according to some international nuclear energy companies.We try to prevent not getting in the same situation as in Limousin:
Our event combines peace and environment.
Can I say that your idea is a wonderful one. Everywhere I see people chipping away at the old hatreds that exist between your two peoples...a joint school here, and joint orchestra there. And your dinner...such potential for discovering that the other side are the same as I long to see windows of hope being drilled in the big concrete wall and then the joy when the wall is no longer needed and just removed as it was in Berlin.

My plans are still a bit fluid as our daughter is due her second child any day...the pains have started so we wait by the phone to rush done and do our grandparently duties of looking after number one while number two comes into the I may still be in Scotland or down in london on peace day. But it will be marked with meditation and attending some public event.
I will continue to spread as much of my light to the world as i can. Be it through passing on my daily smile (which is contagious) :) or helping those less fortunate. I may write a special poem for that day, but my heart is full of peace and joy and i'll be thinking of everyone as we unite in our common belief/goal. And together we all CAN make a difference.
Peace and love to all.


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