Please tell us what you plan to do on Peace Day.

I'd like to have dinner party at my house for 24 young people (around 18 years old). 12 Palestinians and 12 Israelis.
No agenda, just mingle, have a good time and get to know each other better.

I will finance all costs. I need help in getting permits for the Palestinians to make the short trip. I am working on it, but if you can help, let me know.

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Big hugs to you all ;-)

Do you know if somebody is proposing a time for global meditation, prayer or any other activity of the sort for September 21st? I think that setting a global time for a lot of people to unite their energy for the sake of the planet and us all would be a very fertile seed to sow at this very first stage.

Please let me know what you think. We can also write an intention "peace" list on this day. Something like what it is done by new year's eve, but we are celebrating the starting of a new "peace" year.

Pardon my ignorance, but... is this the first "peace international day," or has it been celebrated for long? It's new to me!

Love & Peace,

September 21st is my son's birthday, I will be with him in part and with all in the name of peace, I'll probably take a long walk and burn a candle after that.
One all-day program in Sydney, Australia is here

Some of my good friends are featured. Now will I participate? :-)
I still spread this message in my Facebook to all my friends so that they are aware of this beautiful day and hopefully will be able to create more members in this meaningful group.

The seed of "PEACE & LOVE" is still very vunerable and needs alots of dedication and care..
Hello David!
What an awesome thing to do! I have made peace signs & doves and I am going into my community to talk to the people that live in this town about this very special day.
I plan on taking paper,scissors,markers & glue and having the people I meet draw me a "Hand for Peace".On their hand I will ask them to write about their thoughs and feelings about peace.They will decorate their hand anyway they wish.My goal is to collect as many hands as possible and have an exhibit displayed next year.If any one is willing to make a hand for peace & mail it to me it would be greatly appreciated!Write me an email for more information & my mailing address.
Thanks evryone!
Have a joyous PEACE Day!
Dear Carly,
I LOVE this idea! I am copying your address into my e-mail address list and will be contacting you. I would also like to be your friend here on iPeace, but have exceeded my quota of "pending friendships" (I'm inviting friendships as a way of trying to help organise The World March in Spain). Could YOU invite ME?

Peace and Love,
I am going this evening to a concert of Israeli and Palestinian youth at the YMCA in Jerusalem. (See

And last night I participated in a special Yoga practice in Tel-Aviv, connected to the International Global Mala for Peace (

I wrote in that
One all-day program in Sydney, Australia is here

Some of my good friends are featured. Now will I participate? :-)

I went to some of the sessions of this 24-hour vigil here in Sydney and spoke briefly at one, and got blessed and danced and chanted and met and caught up with some wonderful gentle and peaceful people.

The good news also includes:

  • I publicly and whimsically stirred a Palestinian Muslim who is now friend and who many years ago saw me as an enemy. He responded in kind and then we hugged.
  • Met a Koori (Aboriginal) man who seems interested in taking the SULHA Listening Circle to his people.
  • Met an Arab Christian who writes for an Australian Arabic newspaper who wants to write about the Jewish-Palestinian dialog some of us are involved with and the SULHA Listening Circle in his that newspaper.
  • Drank lots of good espresso coffee.

So not a bad day at all for me. And I also made some new contacts with some new wonderful gentle and peaceful people.

Cultivar a paz em toda a sua dimensão...Propagar...Me relacionar com pessoas que sintam,que o mundo tem que mudar,pensarmos juntos o que poderemos fazer pela Paz na Humanidade...21 de setembro,como todos os dias de nossas vidas!

"O sorriso é um idioma universal; em qualquer lugar do mundo, todos o entendem."

(Charles Chaplin)

"Sorria sempre,mesmo que o seu sorriso seja triste.Porque pior do que um sorriso triste.
É a tristeza de não saber sorrir"!

(Vinícius de Moraes)
Does anybody know what is happening in London on that day?
I will be arriving in London either that morning or the evening before, and wish to take part in a collective and public demonstration of our wish for Peace. (I have nothing against meditating, but how is Peace going to come about if we don't get the message across to others? By the way, I love the idea of the Israeli-Palestinian dinner, but suggest that it ought to be videoed and posted on YouTube.)

I have tried getting information on the site . But when I click on the link "find and share Peace Day events anywhere in the world" , I get a totally blank screen and (later) "Not responding".

STOP PRESS! It was just a case of impatience. It takes AGES for that page to appear. So if you have the same problem, don't despair! Go make yourself a sandwich and come back to your PC later.
The only two events in London listed on that site that seem suitable for me (there's another for schools and one for African women) are "semi-public": there's no information about WHERE they're being held, you have to get that information from the organisers. I have written to both and received a reply from one WITHOUT being invited. The idea that you need an invitation to attend a peace event is bizarre!

... So, I'm still looking for a public event in London. Can anybody help me?


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