What can be more fitting than to launch our network on Peace Day ?

Our objective is to grow to 1 million members by the end of 2008.

Please help us. We need:

Code writers and web designers (flash banners, graphic improvements)

Contacts in the media


Website owners to post our banners and badges

Any other way that you can think of.



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Thank you David,

iPeace is my new home & I love it! I will continue to bring as many people as I can from all my facebook peace groups to share their peace in this beautiful place.

My new facebook group 'Millions of People for Peace!' is also launced on September 21st & we can use this group to promote iPeace and bring many, many more new friends to join us;


Paz ~ Paix ~ Peace
Absolutely perfect! I will continue to recruit my Facebook peaceniks as well! Facebook is great for finding "us"... iPeace is perfect for uniting us!


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