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The Heath Robinson clip is fab, as was H. R. himself. The whole World should know of him. What a fantastic and creative mind.

The second video is absolutely charming.
An old boyfriend... from my youth, not an aged admirer from yesterday.... LOL... once said that my parents house and their way of doing things reminded him of HR.... :D

Glad you enjoyed the clips.
I CAN see that actually.I really can. No idea why, I just like the thought of you growing up in a Heath Robinson house.

Yeh, well, whatever re. the admirer.
I ended up marrying the 'old' boyfriend, he was Ross's father....

I've recently been in voice contact with an friend of long standing, we have not had real communication for 30 years, other than Christmas cards... she told me that here brother had always carried a candle for me, not literally.... lol... which was a nice feeling.

Made me wonder who caries who in their hearts but never lets on... that's sad :(
I think a lot of people do. I have.....................all gone now though. There's nobody that a flame has been carried for, if I were to meet them now, would raise any feelings that way again (I don't think so anyway).

I DO believe, due to Life, that my heart's hardened to all that. Shame, but it saves on 'what ifs'.

Did you ever have any feelings in that direction to your friend's brother ?
He was "HOT".... and I wished he had said something at the time, but I had a boyfriend then, so I guess it was not the done thing, I married the boyfriend.

My friends brother is a gent.... but there is nothing ungentlemanly about letting someone know who you feel about them in my book... think of all the old movies where that sort of thing happened in many of the plots. Now it's just portrayed as something sordid, and slutty but it does not have to be that way at all.

We had become desensitised to all the filth and depravity that goes on... I sound like a evangelical preacher, but the kids these days see too much on the tv, radio, magazines... their hearts are hardened and their imaginations are put to sleep.

I also think ladies should act like Lady's.... not ladettes, my daughter has never behaved like a ladette and never will, not through domination by me, as I was a bit of a wild child, but only a very little bit... lol... and I would never dream of dominating or bullying anyone, Sophie has her own style in all departments and is very strong on manners.... unlike her brother who is more of a caveman in his way of thinking... lol


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