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Do you think it's the people that would not respect the stones, or more that they Authorities have seen a way to make a good deal of money from the monument now, it cost about a fiver I think, but I might be wrong on that.

It's a very special site for the Druids and they should not be kept away from the site, it's their spiritual home. There would be an outcry if they closed St Paul's or put a rope around it and charged people to get within a few feet of it... it's the same thing if you are a Druid.
Six of one and half a dozen of the other probably, Sue, to your first paragraph. I'm with you all the way with the second one. Too 'weird' to be considered, is the way the authorities view Druids, I expect. Disgraceful in my opinion.
I went there several years ago with the kids and was so disappointed that we could not walk around and touch the stones, I would not have bothered if I had know how it was going to be.

If you don't want to 'conform' you are automatically 'weird'...... :(
I've been to the stone circle at Avebury.

It was around 15 years ago. We were coming back after doing a shoot for The Cure, I think it was them (much water under many bridges since the day) at Jane Seymour's house. Fantastic place. An old 'pile', as they say. It has it's own church/chapel. Also a folly.

The fella driving asked if we wanted to stop off for a beer. It was winter and plenty of snow about..........Anyhow, the place we stopped was a small country pub. The driver (can't remember his name) suggested we have a look at the stones as we could see them from the pub window.

Fascinating, but as he pointed out. While we were erecting those, middle eastern countries and China were creating far more intelectual bits and bobs, and as for the Greeks and Romans ? Haha !.........He was a big-headed Canadian. That I DO remember about him.
I've not ever been to Avebury... it's a huge circle with a lot of the stones removed I think.

Ancient history is fascinating, it's not at all what we have been told to believe.

They dragged the stones from Wales with ropes...... yeah...... as if!!!!!

The Pyramid Code is a good film, well worth watching, it tells many of the secrets of the Pyramids and it's well shot and well put together piece of film.


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