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It doesn't matter how many times I see this it still makes me laugh every time :) lol
Glad you enjoyed the clip, Michael McIntyre is very funny.

It's odd all the things we collect along the way, I'm a hoarder, if I throw anything way I always wished I had kept it.

I'm a goat, I don't known much about rats......... I like rats (the furry ones), they are very interesting and intelligent critters.
Although, the Rat, was the clever one and arrived at the door first by, eventually, climbing on the Bull's head.....or so I believe.

So, no worries for you there for you, agrace, huh ?
What do you know about goats/sheep Percy........?
Glad you liked it....... I find him so funny.
Ronnie Corbett was born in Scotland, but as he lives near us he will qualify, Ronnie Barker is of course English. That was really funny :)
The Beatles as you have never seen them before........

Never ever seen this one before brought a big smile to my face :D
Love it :)


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