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If I told you the truth you would not believe me...... :D

You should see some of the photos that Sophie will not put on the internet...... :)) there are lots of things that fly around our house, and we have photos of them!!!!
Good morning,

You're dead right. I WOULD like to see the not fit for internet photos !
Good morning to you too...

It's not that they are not fit..... it's because they are very special to her and she's not stupid and would know that people would copy them... not saying you would, but there are plenty of others here that would.

She will never have a photo of herself or her ponies or dog put on the net, or her other special "friends".
Yes, I agree with her. Very, very sensible.
:) <3
I had forgotten that a while back Sophie let me post a picture of Colin... this is he... all 42 inches of him to the wither...



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