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It's a beautiful tree, and a very good photo.
You are welcome :)
Lisa is Irish, but I am sure she will not mind spending some time in our wood singing like an angel.........

I like The Voice too...... I would have added it but Lisa Kelly is Irish! I sneaked her in because the song was about trees.
COLD SNAP HITS 1,200 YEAR OLD OAK..........................................(No picture, sorry)....

Cold weather is believed to have caused one of Britain's oldest trees - known as the Great Oak at the Gates of the Dead - to split down the middle.

The 1,200-year-old oak, near Chirk, Wrexham, has a 34ft (10m) circumference trunk and is thought to date back to the reign of King Egbert in 802.

It is near the site of the Battle of Crogen in 1165 when the tree is thought to have been spared by King Henry II. *

Local historian Mark Williams said he was "devastated".

Mr Williams and fellow historian Deryn Poppit discovered the damage on Tuesday.

'Great shame'

He added: "It seems to be a victim of the very cold weather.

"The tree is on marshy ground in a basin with a stream running down nearby.

"With the stream overflowing because of melting snow, the water must have settled around the trunk and it looks as if this has caused it to split.

"It's a great shame that this has happened after the tree managed to survive for so long. We're really devastated."

The tree was spared when King Henry II had his men cut down the Ceiriog Woods in 1165 before he met - and was defeated - by Owain Gwynedd in the Battle of Crogen.

A plaque marking the battle was unveiled last year after Mr Williams and Mr Poppit campaigned to have the site officially recognised.

Last month the tree was featured on BBC1's Countryfile .

Mr Williams added: "Although some parts of the tree were rotten, some of it was still as strong as an oak.

"At some stage in its history, it appears to have been struck by lightning."

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2010/02/10 12:27:35 GMT


* Henry had 2,000 men cut down every tree in the wood/forest, yet spared this one, so he could not be ambushed in the battle (P. the D.....factoid !).
I love trees.... we have many near to us that are very old. One died a long time ago, but it still keeps giving, offering a place for woodpeckers and other wildlife.

On the tv last night I caught a bit about when there was a fuel crises several hundred years ago when people were chopping down trees and using the wood for building, heating and cooking. It was a disasterous time, but then coal coal was discovered... and we were all saved!

I hope they take care of the tree, and let it take it's natural course in nature. They should collect as many acorns from it and grow them, after all it's a long liver, it's likely that it's offspring will be too.
Good idea, re. the acorns. I wonder if anyone's thought of that.

Sorry, thought I'd sent this to the Larf-Inn Group ! What am I like, eh ? haha
I hope they have... it's not only me that is a genius!!!

I know... I just thought you were having a memory lapse... that old bump on your head playing you up again... lol


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