I was on how stuff works.com in this film clip it was showing the holocaust survivors being interviewed what they went through and what they saw happen under Adolf Hitler. I will not tell what I saw in it cause
it was very painful and horrid ...

this is why we must not ever come to pure hatred against others or to use other people to wipe out a race of other human beings. "Let the past be the past that we suffered from. and learn from "stop war
of other neighboring countries that are using these forms of cleansing which is happening around the world it was bad what happen in Hitlers day. but let make peace work with all of us.

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I made a trip to Berlin, Warsaw, Karakow, and Auschwitz-Birkenau, trying to understand "Why", In the mean time I prayed for forgiveness in both ways (killers-killed) Nothing happens casually, things are caused, definitely The Holocaust should have never happended, but it did!, There is a Sign at the end of the rails which says something like "MAY THIS BE A WARNING TO MANKIND, OF WHAT HUMANS ARE CAPABLE TO DO"
The problem I see here is that we didn't learn as Mankind. Israel and USA are doing the same again, but now, against Palestina, Afganistan, Irak, etc... Don't you believe this is a two sides speech?
My grandfather died at the hands of the Nazis getting Jews out and Americans in as the head of the Dutch underground. And, no, I'm not Jewish, nor was he.

If you do not forgive, we'll be fighting these stupid wars for another 5000 years.

Forgive it, and let it go.

I agree with Lady Venus below 100%.

Love and Light,

The Holocaust or Shoah as our Jewish friends call it marked the lowest point of human history. An attempt was make to ethnically cleanse the entire empire of Nazi Germany. We will never know the full figure that died along with Romany, handicapped and anyone that did not fit the mould of the Third Reich. Since then we have had many other examples of ethnic cleansing or mass murder to call it by its proper name, Pol Pot, Angola, Darfur, and so the dismal list goes on.

We will never forget that murder is the tyrant’s method of total control by instilling fear into the hearts of those they seek to dominate. Modern day terrorism is a branch of the same thinking where the indiscriminate slaughter is meant to instil fear into a people. I lost a member of my family to such a death. We remember but we do not bow to the fear they try to instil.

As a person dedicated to Forgiveness, Peace and non-violence I reject the message of hate but embrace all those that mourn the loss of their kin as I do. I also embrace all those that work to make such acts part of the brutal history with no place in the new world we are building. A world where love is supreme and respect is shown to all living beings; where tolerance replaces alienation, peace replaces violent thought and where humans can take their rightful place as equals. A world that learns how to heal itself through positive action, care for the environment and random acts of kindness.

Such a world already exists within each of our hearts.
There's a reminder about some hidden facts of WW2.
who financed hitler? - wideo
bon documentaire de la BBC sur wall street et le nazis


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