When you see something you want to add to the group:

1. While holding your left mouse button down, drag your mouse (cursor) over the text to highlight it.
Then right click, and select "copy".

2. Then click on that persons icon to go to their page.

3. On their page in their comment area, right click, then select "paste" to place what you would like to quote them on, then ask the person "Can I quote you on this?"
Important! Before you "add the comment" to their page, go to the top of their page and copy their page address to add into the comment your going to leave them.

This way after you get permission, like a comment on your page from them on your page saying you can quote them, you can just:
4. Go to their page, copy that comment you left them, come to the group here and paste it into the comment area (taking out the words "can I quote you on this?")

5. Add the comment to the group.


And if anyone has any suggestions how to make this more simple, or any questions please contribute here so I can change the above steps to make things easier and more simple!
Thanks !

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