A new year dawns as many before,
will 2010 bring what we ask for?
A peaceful future that all can share
with the wealthy showing that they care?

In my hopes as ever that would be the plan
for without compassion what distinguishes man?
We may have tools and brains to embrace
technologies to help the human race

But if those minds just persue all with greed
then we ignore those with more pressing need
For food and water would be such a gift
and a lack of greed could heal the rift

None have the right to just take and take
leaving nowt but dust in their hasty wake
To hold aloft their faith in that one supreme being
is an empty gesture for many without true feeling

Be they rich or poor in our western sphere
they all have more than those in fear
of finding no food or water fit to drink
so when we raise a glass let us pause and think

That 2010 should be the year when one and all
have something to smile on, large or small
when common sense rules over habitual greed
and we all join to plant a peaceful seed

December 27th 2009

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