Dec 8th is almost here :(
John pyhical self my have left us, but his presence never has. His message of peace and love transend thought time and space. His good vibes and energy are still here with us & his message of peace and love will never die.

Please come and share your feelings and thoughts of John and what he means to you.
& on the 8th "stay in bed and grow your hair long" J.L. :o) xx

~luv'n peace my happy peeps~

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I can't even express what I feel for John, I am sure he has been the single most important influence in my life. On Oct 9. and December 8, I try to go to Strawberry Fields, to be with others of the same feeling. John wrote my life, what can I say! I always cry, his presence IS there!
War is Over (if you want it!)
Love. Sharon
Hey Beverly,

My hair is already long. (Way below my shoulders). As for staying in bed...I'm afraid not. Gotta work. The memory of John Lennon will however continue to serve as an inspiration in my efforts for peace. Best wishes to you and good luck if you're planning a bed-in. Cheers.

Peace, love and light

Thanks for this discussion Beverly Anne Jones.
I wore my hair below my shoulders until it got so thin I couldn't keep it intact. Now I just give it a #2 cut all over. I've put my feelings down on the main page of this site. I might add here that I have been disappointed for many years that Yoko was not able to continue the power of the movement is some small way. I cannot blame her for the grief and loss, but her wealth and influence could have had a very big impact. I tell myself, she would have been killed also, had she been so bold, so it's understandable.
Love you all. Peaceful thoughts all day tomorrow.
Hi everyone. Thnx for your comments. Its wonderful to see so many people that love John and hear your stories. The stay in bed and grow your hair long was a bit of a joke . I just wanted to end the note with something John had said :) Each one of us can honour John in our own way on the 8th and of course share peace, and maybe come share a message about John here. Thnx again
~Much luv'n peace~
Just a few Days after John Lennon was killed,I attended a School Dance and they played a John Lennon song. Well less than 10 Seconds into the Song, I just left the Room and started Crying. I was just Crying HYSTERICALLY!!!! I had to leave early and was still Crying on the way back Home. I am saying this with the Upmost Seriousness by the way!
I went to Strawberry Fields in Central Park yesterday (Dec.8.) It's so moving, and to see the same group of musicians always there, rain, shine, or cold (and yesterday was COLD) is inspiring. And after a while you seem the same faces, and it becomes a little microcosm of love and peace, everyone singing Beatles and John songs with the Dakota in the background.
I have heard that Yoko is always there and she can see everything from her window. I still haven't walked to the spot John was killed. I can't. 28 years have passed and I just can't.It feels like it just happened.
But John's presence is there and it's bigger than all of us, and you are lovingly pulled in.

As for how You feel about the spot where John Lennon was killed,a lot of People feel the same way about the World Trade Center site. I know that if I visited the World Trade Center site,it would much too upsetting for Me.
I would like to add that much too upsetting for Me would be an Understatement.
Just remember that he also said "you're still fucking peasants as far as I see"

I Too Believe The Late John Lennon Live s On ...
His Message Of LOVE and LOVE =Peace .......his Interview s Thought s On Peace were Often Though odd At The Time Yet So True even Truer Now ......
John s Idealism His Eutopian Dream s ..........his Word s live on Song s LIVE on ...His Essensce Live s On ....We All Shine On .........

His message of Love , Peace , Power To The People ....etc .....

Live s on .........

Thank You John ...
You Went To The Toppermost of The Poppermost as You Dreamed ,Wished , Hoped .. For.....

In Life and After Life ......

A True MESSANGER from above for Peace + Love as Love Transcends ALL

Love Is The Centre of ALL Thing s ...

PEACE The Way >>> To Our Salvation in These And ALL Time s .........

Thank You

Mr . Lennon

I can just Imagine John Lennon being in that Photo Diane.And Yes Imagine01.Youv'e got a good point.
I Love John SO Very Much... What Can I Say? Hes My Hero In So Many Differnt Way's. I'm Actally WAYYYY To Young To Actally Like John (As My Dad Tell's Me), Your NEVER To Young To Like John Lennon. I Love John Forever. ~ John Lennon Forever ~ Peace - Renee


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