Greetings to You!

umm....what should our first discussion be about?




Life's BeautifuL!

so, What's the thing that makes Your life Beautiful!!!

and is the Reason for Your smile and hope even when You are surrounded by problems???


good one na!


com'on reply!

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It is seeing and appreciating that power, that is in all of us and pushes us to be fullfilled.
It is going around and look with opan eys to see that, what is happening right now in this moment.
Not cought by some ilusionary problems, that do not exist.
It is that breath, that allows me to feel. Wich is never full enough and always needs more and more.
It is the knowledge, that we are all blessed by our nature.
And its the fun to be in peace. =D
The beauty? I mention this?
The beauty does not at all ... there is not enough to be beautiful outside, to have a good physique to be good, so much the better if the person is good or beautiful it is, is that the principal he or she is beautiful from the inside have compassion for these conditions êtres.Dans this person is very compassionate, selfless and beautiful in that direction.
I hope to understand me, because I translate into English what I write in English.
Good year-end 2008 and start 2009, my best wishes are with you.
PS. I asked for your friendship ... I did not get an answer ....
This is a wonderful discussion! My life is beautiful because of the life that surrounds me, the vegetation, the nature, the animals, the humans. Life is beautiful because each form of life holds such purpose and meaning to me. Each life has the potential of something good, useful and was created in such beautiful mystery.

My life is beautiful because I hold deep and abiding faith that all circumstance and each stone stepped upon leads yet to another, each one holds lessons and teachings to further my growth and purpose. Life is beautiful because it is a gift to behold.

My life is beautiful because I deem it to be!


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