How does the Truth look like, and who are ”sitting on the answers”...?

Yes, when I was twenty I was fairly certain that I had the answers to most questions. *Smile*

Could almost write a record ;) The conviction was so strong at that time.


First it had to do with children. I knew all about them before I even had any. So they came into my life one by one. I tried in desperation to turn to my own produced record. But the answers that were there were not usable. They were just constructed theories and far from the reality that I lived in.

Had to fetch my ”red pencil” and remove my ”theoretical answers” one by one. More and more questions arose and the usable responses were fewer and fewer. When I finally was able to abandon the finished model, I could also learn from what I saw and draw conclusions from my own gained experiences .


The same went for politics. When you are young you knew everything about how the world came together. It had its obvious scapegoats. There were black and there was white. And you were absolutely convinced that you were at the "whites" page.

Connections and contexts were so blatant and obvious, that you could not understand how "the others" could be so stupid that they did not saw what we saw.

A slight feeling of complacency colored the politically active years. As time passed and the "truths" with it. Many of the obvious approach from youth and midlife were clouded The connections became more and more complicated and the white was no longer so white.

Something grey was spread over the innocent and obvious. There was considerable disappointment for all of us who most desperately and stubbornly held on to our political philosophy. Many of our answers were simply wrong. That was not more to it... Something that with hindsight was easy to find.


The next phase of life you do not feel so strongly to stand on the barricades and shout. Nevertheless, it will be proved in 20 years, when our actions are put into a larger, historical perspective that those who ”shout” today had not ”the Answers” either.


For how do the truth look like? Who sits on the answers? I have not many today. I'm glad if I can work on formulating questions ...

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Dear Gunilla and Family:
Truth for me comes within. It's an amazing relationship that makes a person thrive. We cannot really lock another's viewpoint in because we truly cannot realize their circumstances. I have found that words are supplemental to patterns and because the universe is a giant body composed of many element, we might have to use patience for the truth to unfold.
Hm...? I do not really understand that.

Yes there is maybe no objective truth, but there must be right or wrong in the external world .Or isn't it?

Things we can value without this inner voice, since the whole body, mind and intellect say it is wrong..Phenomenon like child abuse for example. That hurts the children terribly, and that is a fact and a truth. And that we just need normal emotions and heart to realize.

So there are many situations where we do not have to wait for the truth to unfold. Since we have it already.
Then the next question is what to do? :) Here we have no good answers and no truth about what's the best to do
But as young i thought there was an absolute right way to go, to solve many problems. I have realized it was not so easy :) As you say the life and the world is too complex
'and an overall truth, we will maybe never find *smile*


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