Our lives consist of those threads/rags which once were weaved in and which create the pattern of our lives . Much the same as our personality.
I have been thinking a lot of this web comparison and have started to realise that the threads only is not enough to explain the outcome. If the threads are comparable to our experiences and our parents knowledge and contribute only to the visible pattern, the warp is what you cannot se but still has a great impact on the result.

So the warp can very well be compared to our unconscious. The warp stands in relation to the thread as the conscious to the unconscious . What then to say about the loom, without witch we cannot weave. That must be life including the biological heritage from which everything assume. So lets presuppose that we have a loom/life and our parent are those who start to weave our life carpet. They choose the threads they choose the pattern. But not very often is´s a really free choice


In my childhood my mother weaved carpets
and she had to use what she find . She could not afford to pay attention to whether the colours went well together or not or if the pattern was a beautiful one. So most family in my days was not, for many different reasons, given a free choice. Then we get older and one thread after another we can pick ourselves. In that way we will start to contribute with our own stripes in our carpet.
But in our childhood the web was warped that’s a fact we can never escape. And the warp sets the limit for the completed product so do also the loom
Yes we can play with colours in believing we are free. But the warp is like the DNA of the soul and its not changeable during the time of weaving/living.
But we can learn to live with it and even start to like the carpet that once was weaved for us

Life don’t have to be perfect to be loved

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Hello Beautiful Lady and Beloved Friends:

I was reading an article a while back about how we can change the course of our dna, by changing the way we take perspective about life and circumstance. It is such a great blessing to share these changes and little by little, the more we work at finding our "balance" the better off our future will follow. It is with great honor and humility to be fibre in the carpet of life.

Love, always,
As you know by now . I love symbols and metaphors :) Can hardly talk or write without them.

What an interesting article you mentioned. yeah ...What do we know about how much we can influence, with our thoughts or just by being? But one thing we do know , we are a part of the whole and we all leave something behind, even if we are too "small" to understand the whole context *smile*

All these threads. Who beautiful it could be if we just learn to weave them together

HUgs...I think about how coincidence calls us. I sometimes wonder if repeated circumstances, event, or even patterns we encounter are true "tarot". Does our thought feed emotion? Or vice versa? I believe it is self talk feeding our hearts, for to have an open heart is to have an open mind. With standing all elements, frequencies, etc, like bamboo in the wind.
All in all life is amazing.

Love, love, love.
I do not believe in coincidences. I believe that events are connected on a deeper, and for us often invisible level. I think it is on this level we are all ONE and here all events are linked together in a somewhat meaningful pattern, where there is no space for "the chance"

But I agree with you ;)
"All in all life is amazing"


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