I do not predict in Taro cards and I do not interpret Dreams

I just want to open our eyes to the importance of symbols in our lives. It may be a picture or a dream sequence. What hooks hold of us are the symbols which are in line with our internal. The internal, we can not see but which we through external symbols can read. In that lies the importance of the symbols

The card you choose says a lot about how you feel right now . By contrast, not a shit about the future. The dream images you remember is in the same way related to the situation you were living in when the dream occurred. If the dreams recurred during a large pars of life the situation is obviously not solved. I would never use my card, pictures or what ever to speak about people's future.

I do not even believe in prophecy . But I think that we all have an unconscious that we do not know so much about, hence the name, and symbols is the only way to get in touch with this our unknown, which forms the major part of our overall psyche. In other words, what is really 's me.

Before the prehistoric man could speak, he/she could make symbolic cave paintings, or created other symbolic art. In other words the symbols came first They are the most original. All that which was coming later is just cultural superstructure.

Symbols can be understood by all and in all times, with some cultural distinction. If you show someone in a completely foreign culture the card you selected for your current life situation, you will be understood. Maybe not if you knew the language and instead by words tried to illustrate your life. situation

I do not predict in Taro cards and I do not interpret Dreams But I do believe in symbolic pictures as a tool to reach the unconscious within…. We need the symbols...

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Yes birds are lovely symbols *smile'

This is for me the best life has to offer; Children and Animals *smile*

I just finished the book of Dan Brown " The lost Symbol" I loved it because of all its religious symbols and metaphors.
And it was very exiting too :) What an author ...


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