Please watch this video and then we can discuss this psychological phenomena, which I find so interesting, since it explain so much of what happens in our lives, in society and in the world

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Guilty as charged!!! (with comment) I have found that I can catch myself when I am in subjective filtering. My nature tends to veer towards objective filtering because there is so much to be grateful for but sometimes those little tapes off question enter my awareness. Subjective reasoning seems to come from the place in the brain where egoic thought processing happens. When I pull that away and let myself ask myself the questions "am I standing in judgement; Is there something I should be learning here, and of course how can I be more loving in this process?, I find that I tend to be more of the objective type, and the rest of the world tends to be subjective. I wonder sometimes, why can't we as a body just learn to let all circumstances fall into place, which takes a great deal of discipline and faith. What can we take out of any given set, for the betterment of ourselves, as well as the betterment of the All?
"What can we take out of any given set, for the betterment of ourselves, as well as the betterment of the All?"

That is a good question *smile*
For me it was good to find out and learn about projections. That made me understand my fellow mates better and also myself, but most important of all the children I have worked with.
I had to understand their behavior in order to be able to help them, and not just only condemn, when they did something stupid..
Even if we have a strong believe like you have , I think it is important to try to understand why we act in the way we do. Try to figure out our complicated mind :)
At least it is important to me, since I have been working with healing of what was terribly broken (children's souls). This was one of my tools

Thank you Melody for your answering and your interest .

Big hug to you *smile*
Dear Gunilla:
In the community I live, I see many with broken souls. The area is one of California's more economically depressed districts. While it is beautiful geographically, it has been underdeveloped for generations. I love the fact that there are few people but it hurts me sometimes to see poverty's manifestation. Lots of times people come into the place where I work and use their social service $ for liquor and lottery. Their children ask for something and they deny the gratis of even a lollipop. I find it unbelievable but because I am a cashier, I am not there to make change directly, but I always weave in somehow love and respect for these children. We try to respect family environment, and the best way I can send my love even in this position is by being bright and cheerful. I have found that calling in Light for every person who passes through my line helps to level out peaceful vibrations for myself, which then feeds on to the next and the next, etc.

Poor doesn't mean there is a barrier; poor means there is opportunity to always take an extra step to lift another.

I could not go through a day at my job without the support from the Love I feel by being in Ipeace community. I was feeling quite empty. :)
You are such a nice person and I'm sure that those who come in your way are the lucky ones *smile*

For a child, a nice and warm smile can save a day. But I still think there are countries where the parents have too much power and the children no rights at all.
To take the lollipop, as a metaphor, to give an example
Our mind is such a powerful tool.........understanding behaviors from past to current stems many times i believe from the subconscious mind that has built in mechanisms over the years to dictate feelings, thoughts, and have create d who we are in life......and sometimes this is done more for survival in life in coping with past issues that are unresolved, 2 difficult to deal with, yet we dont know that, or understand it, but i do find the mind fascinating in regards to how we do have control, yet we dont how to change our thinking process....and sometimes we dont want 2, 2 hard, cuz doing a personality check on ourselves, i feel, know is the hardest thing to do, sucks big time, but i also know in my journey, looking at myself, inside was the first step in healing.....the video made alot of sense to me, and i believe its up to us to make changes within ourselves , to start looking within, our mind, heart and soul.....xxxxxxxxx........
To Tamara.
Yes I think so too. So many answers are to be find inside ourselves, if we just learn to find the peephole ;) For me projections in both dreams and in what i call the "outactings" have taught me a lot about who I am *smile*
I'm not always pleased with what i see, but I'm happy that I CAN see it...Hopefully i can deal with it some day :)
Since we can never change anything that we haven't even discovered


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